Block of the Month Challenge

AH…I almost forgot about the block of the month challenge.  Well I did forget and then I remembered but then I forgot again.  I’m sure that has happened to all of you too.  This was the block I was suppose to do.

If you remember, Kelli did our blocks last month.  That means it was my turn this month.  To be honest, I didn’t know if Kelli would remember that it was her turn to do them so I started in on my blocks WAY back in March….and then I ran into a little problem.  I tried to adjust the cutting directions for an easy angle ruler.  UGH.  I didn’t do it right.  ALL of my large triangles are too small.  See?


So I talked to Kelli and she pushed to get hers done and meet the April deadline.

Well April was not my month.  Testing…..ripping apart the sewing room….and I forgot all about the BOM Challenge.  Well then I remembered it and about a week ago I started going through the sewing room trying to find the box that had the BOM in it.  Well two nights I looked.  I had decided that I’d hurry quick and just start a new block know this one would show up sometime.  I grabbed a block and a tote and the next morning I took it down to the kitchen and hoped to work on cutting the new block out over nap time.  I put the block in the laundry room and there were the old previously started blocks.

Well then I got the crazy idea that I’d only need a night to finish them so I put it off.  Then Friday, as in yesterday, I remembered that I had to make the blocks.  That was okay.  I’d re-cut at nap time and sew after supper.  No problem.  Well yesterday was crazy.  Potty training three kids at once is challenging.  I spend SO much time in the bathroom.  So I was behind and distracted at nap time so forgot about the blocks.

Hubby came home.  I made supper and then he had me doing some of his antique stuff….I forgot all about the blocks.  I even forgot to write the blog post about the blocks.  AHHHHH.  I remember at about 8am this morning.  I was sewing on something entirely different.

So, I struggled with what to do.  Keep sewing what I was doing?  Hurry and finish the blocks?  Then there was the struggle with what to about blog posts.  I already had one up.

That’s about when Hubby called and said, “Hey, let’s go to that antique shop you’ve been bugging me to go to.  I’ll be home noon-ish.”  That decided that.  I wasn’t sewing the blocks…now.  I’d get to them before next month.  So that’s the story of my BOM Challenge Blocks.

I’m hoping for better luck next month.  At least all the small triangle are done.  I only need to do the big ones and then sew it all together.

Easy-peasy…that is if I remember to do it!

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  1. Well, “they” do say life happens while you’re making other plans. YOU skipped the plans and went with life. Yea YOU!!!!! A precious spring afternoon with hubby sounds like bliss to me.

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