Block of the Month Challenge

Calling all Block of the Month-ers!!  Are you here?

If you’re new here and have a block of the month project from years gone by, it’s not to late to join us.  We are trying to pull our projects our out of the dark recesses where they have been living for the last few years.  If you want to read the details about the challenge, you can can find them here.

So how did I do?  GREAT!!

I had a BIG task for the month.  If you remember I am actually making TWO of the exact same quilts.  So for my original quilt I was to make 8 blocks…well that doubled is 16 blocks.  Making 16 12″ blocks is equivalent to making all the blocks for a baby quilt!

That sure doesn’t sound like a simple block of the month where a participants make one block each month!!  Well mine are done and I’m so happy!!

I do need to send a big shout out to the blog reader who suggested that there were lots of errors in the pattern and that I should refer to the creators website to find the corrections.  The month I was working on had a easier option for the block and I took that easy option. Here’s my block for next month…
If you look at the bottom of the pattern is says make four so for me, that means make eight.  UGH…another big month.  I thought about grabbing a different month and then I remembered how crazy summer gets and how much my quilting time gets cut so nope, I’m tackling this one for next month.

You can find be back here on March 3rd. I’m hoping to have my next set of blocks finished. So far, I’m doing this. I am starting to believe that I just might tackle this. Having you sewing along with me really helps….it’s that accountability thing!!

3 thoughts on “Block of the Month Challenge”

  1. You have made great progress. With all those HST, I would sure try to find an assembly line method to make them. Something easy. Kind of line ORL, but worse. Just the cutting part is a nuisance. How about a blog post showing us how you make those HSTs. Include different methods. Carol

  2. You have made great progress! I haven’t been doing this along with you but I have been working along on other projects, trying to finish some UFOs and trying not to let others fall into that state. I’m finishing up a quilt for our grandson who is in college. Finishing feels good!

    By the way, a log reader was complaining about pop up ads on your blog, if they subscribe and get the blog as email there aren’t any ads. I just skip over them but I guess they bother some folks.

  3. I am headed to the basement right after this comment to sew, sew, sew! I got the kit out and figured out a “Bonnie” way to make the HSTs and did the cutting for all the blocks. The pattern just lists what I needed for 1 block. I have the everything cut except for the 192 HSTs, I have all the strips cut to pair together and EZ angle or Essential Triangles ruler them. I will confess that I have had the kit for 10 years and am honestly terrified of the applique vine and leaves. . .so for now, I am in denial about that part. I working fast and furious on graduation gifts, but will be sneaking some of these blocks in. Pictures on Instagram, I am quilternell, if you want to see. . .

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