Block of the Month–April Edition

A post from Kelli–

As you know, Mom has been working on a block of the month that we’ve been laying around….for quite some time.  We had seen a quilt which was a beautiful sampler at one of our favorite quilt shops–Forrest Mills!

We had never really done a sampler…or a medallion quilt…so mom talked me into trying something new!  We signed up and then ended up finding out that sampler medallion quilts aren’t on the top of the list of our favorites.  So the project got pushed to the back–But do not fear, we are breaking it back out!  I had originally just taken it to mom’s and kind of left it there, but she so lovingly decided to include me in finishing it!

So I took my turn!  Mom sent me home with the fabric and instructions for Month 3.

This month called for 2 18 inch blocks and 2 12 inch blocks.  This was a bit of a change for me as the largest blocks I make are closer to 9 or maybe even 10 inches.

When I set out to make the blocks, it took me a bit of time to get things set up as the instructions for the block were written to make just one block.  Since I was making a set for me and a set for mom, I needed to make 4 of each block.  This ended up being a bit more math than I was planning on–But never fear–I got it all figured out.  It was also a little different because I usually use a right angle ruler to make triangles.

I worked on it a little for two separate days.  When I did the math, I made a little bit of an error so I ended up having to grab another print that I knew was in the fabric line and had previously bought.

Here’s the set that I’ll send off to mom.  I think that they’ll need a bit of starch and a good hot iron before they are ready to go, but they can be checked off of my list.

When mom asked me how it went, this was my response–”  Well, it could have been better, it could have been worse.  If I didn’t have to do another month’s I’d be thrilled, but I’m sure that’s not the case, so I’ll smile when you hand me the next month, put it in my mom basket and take it home…but I might not work on it until you nag me a few times.”


9 thoughts on “Block of the Month–April Edition”

  1. Pretty much what I said about that project. I gave away the pattern because I knew it would never be in the rotation again. Boy does it make a huge quilt.

  2. I really enjoy civil war fabrics and blocks. I have been to so many battlefields that I enjoy making the blocks, reminds me of our trips. Your blocks are turned out great. I’m making some smaller civil war blocks right now, they are 6.5 inches unfinished.

  3. I had that block of the month and made it through month 4 then gave it away. I’m not usually a quitter but I hates that one. Loved the fabric but hated the instructions. Good luck on finishing yours and Mom’s. Mine went to a charity group and was pretty when it was finished.

  4. Glenda Hollander

    I love the fabric and those blocks. Would love to see the finished quilt that your mom is quilting.

  5. Those “birds in the air” units are a pain, aren’t they? I have some in an upcoming sampler block myself. I’m tempted to paper piece them just so I don’t have to deal with the bias edges.

    I’ll link up my monthly progress after lunch. I still need to take a ‘group shot’ and write the post.

  6. Good job for bucking up and helping, Kelli! The blocks look great and I know your Mom will appreciate your help! Can’t wait to see the finished quilt.

  7. great job on the blocks, sometimes team work is what’s needed, btw, curious as to what you decided about yr kitchen appliances?

  8. That is a beautiful block and I love the fabrics in it. Your blocks look great. If the rest of the kits turn out as pretty as yours did, it’s going to be a beautiful quilt!

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