Blessings in the Mailbox….

My mailbox has been a fun place to be….


Three great gals, Barb, Becky and Ila,  who read my blog blessed me with fabric.  THANKS gals…I so appreciate your kindness.

A week ago I wrote a post about  wanting to make a couple super scrappy quilts but feeling limited as most of my fabric is Civil War reproductions.  Within minutes, there are offers of fabric in my email box.

These came at just the right time for me.  I had been having a not so good day…let me tell you what had happened.  I have a free early learning printables website, Making Learning Fun.  I have been working and working and working on this site for four years.  It’s mostly a hobby, but by now you know, if you are a regular reader, I take my hobbies pretty seriously.  Typically I get great, fun, happy, thankful, appreciative emails in my inbox.  I have never gotten a “mean” email until today.  Here’s what it said, “”I have to say that your website needs a lot of work. Your “activities”, are very unprofessional in appearance. Take pride in what you do.”

Everything on my website is free.  I don’t charge anything.  No one is asked or required to use it.  Why would someone write that?  If they don’t like it, why not keep it to yourself and just not use the activities?

Last week I talked with a reader of my blog who mentioned that she felt hurt after a block exchange had gone differently than she expected.  People said things that hurt her.

On Bonnie Hunter’s facebook page she posted this note quote, “We believe we are not making a difference. But making a difference is really about the way you show up in the world every day. In fact like it or not, you’re ALREADY making a difference by your presence. It may be a good difference or a bad difference, a large difference or a small difference, but you had an effect on everyone who saw you, felt you, or heard you today. So the question is not whether you CAN make a difference, but what kind of difference are you making?”- Barbara De Angelis

I just want to take a moment and thank everyone who has ever wished me well, celebrated little milestones with me, asked advice, or just read my blog or used my website without making a nasty comment.  You have made a difference in my life.

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  1. If I don’t like a blog I don’t subscribe or read it anymore. But to blast the author, well that’s just mean. I don’t even try to be humorous in my comments very often as they can be misread and misunderstood and I would hate that to happen. On another note…I made a couple of star blocks tonight and had trouble with some of the pieces bubbling so I’m going to try Bonnie’s method tomorrow. I think I don’t always sew straight enough and get a gentle “C” shape. I can’t believe I’m relaxed enough to even try the crumb blocks! What fun!

  2. Jo, I just checked out your activities website. It’s awesome! I can’t believe how loaded it is with ideas! I will be sending it to those I know that teach young ones. How do you find all the time to put all those things together in addition to your quilting? You must be a busy bee! Thanks for all you do! Take care, Sally

  3. I am so sorry that someone did that to you. There are always those people that are just so unhappy with their life or themselves that they spew the negativity on others. I think at times they may not even realize it. They disguise it in “trying to be helpful” or “giving corrective criticism”. Before doing this people have to really think about the person on the receiving end. I am glad someone sent you lovely packages to put a smile on your face. Remember you are a special person and we love you for taking the time to teach us and share all the info on both your blogs! Hugs!

  4. hi jo- just want to let you know- because of this blog- I am now cutting all my scraps into bonnie sizes and am working on that beautiful crabapple quilt! So I guess I can blame you when my floor needs to be mopped and laundry put away! LOL! Allison

  5. I’m always surprised when people leave mean comments on blogs, websites, etc. This is a free country. If you don’t like what you see /read….MOVE ON!! I have visited several web sites and blogs that I didn’t care for. But I moved on. I don’t feel the need to leave mean comments because even though it may not have appealed to me, it may appeal to others. So….to whoever you are mean person……GET A LIFE!! IF YOU DON’T LIKE JO’S SITE….GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. WE DON’T LIKE MEAN PEOPLE HERE!!!!!! Nuf said.

  6. just want you to know that I like reading your blog… always look for the updates when I am visiting… its through Bonnies blog that I found yours!!!
    Forget the comments…keep enjoying what you are doing!!!

  7. I happen to enjoy your free printables website thoroughly. My 5 year old started K this year, and my 3 year old wants to be like sis… And I have all I need when I look through your website. Thank you for all the time you put into it! I think it looks great, and it’s easy to find what I want.

  8. I am a new reader and must say I enjoy your blog. I don’t understand the need to post mean things. I would think that if someone has “constructive” advice, they would email off site. I too have a blog, and at this point haven’t experienced “meanness”—maybe because I don’t have a lot of “Followers”, LOL, but my suggestion would be what my mother use to say “consider the source”. Thank you for so much for sharing your expertise with the rest of us! Happy quilting!

  9. I do love your blog Jo and thank you! That comment about your other website was uncalled for, how many pre-schoolers are professionals anyway? :)

  10. Jo there is always some one out there that wants to rain on your parade. Try to focus on the blessings you get each day from commentors and the one’s in the mailbox. Don’t let this get to you.

  11. Oh dear! I am a special education preschool teacher and quilter who found your quilting blog after “making learning fun”. I have used your learning tools and ideas countless times and the kids love the activities, songs, and games and so do I! I also follow your quilting blog daily. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the time and work you put in to making these sites available to us. You inspire creativity and fun!

  12. You sure make a BIG difference to me – you inspire me, educate me and your recipes are GREAT!! Your blog is what I read first in the morning, the local news is just too depressing. Let’s have a cup of coffee to celebrate!

  13. People amaze me when they make statements or write a comment that is hurtful and/or non-productive. You wonder if they are thinking at all when they do that.
    I do want to thank you for having the crumb quilt along. I haven’t started mine yet, but plan to soon. Thanks for all that you do.

  14. Hi Jo, You’ve made a difference here. I have a new addiction.CRUMBS and we’re only two blocks in. LOL Who knew that my scrap basket could be so much fun. Thank You!!!

  15. I’m sorry that someone hurt your feelings. Lots of times I read a blog post, and think of all kinds of responses (some of them not so nice), but I always keep them where they belong. In my head!! People need to better learn how to censor themselves.

  16. HI Jo!
    I just checked your ‘Making Learning Fun’ website…and speaking from a person who was an educator (K-3) for 30 years I have just GOT to give you my opinion!! I would have KILLED (and I’m not homicidal at all!!) to have had your site as a resource! Awesome ideas and professionally laid out!! Where DO you find the time??
    I love your quilting blog and am inspired by all that you do…so keep right on doing it….and sour grapes to the ‘wanna be’!!
    Take care!

  17. Like some of the others have said, if I read a blog that doesn’t fit what I’m looking for, I just don’t go back to it again. Now yours, I love to read! I don’t always have a comment to leave, but I do read every one of them. I like your ideas and the down to earth way you present things. Keep doing what you are doing, it works for great for you and me!

  18. You are such a giving person. I mentioned the other day how you have brighted my mornings. Ilook forwad everyday to logging in and seeing your life unfold.You are living the life so many of us trying to achieve. Thank you ! I would so love to join you on your morning walks. Just remember how loved you are. I feel real pity for that person and what a sad life she must have.

  19. I’ve always been told…”if you don’t have something nice to say keep quiet”. There’s only a few out there that apparently weren’t taught this, thank goodness! Sandi

  20. Wish I had seen your “Making Learning Fun” site when my children were young, but that was back in the dark ages when there was no internet. It’s a great site. I am really enjoying your “crumbing along”. Have 15+ blocks, and did 7 hot pads. Thanks for your site. You inspire me and lift my spirit.

  21. One of my daughters had a “friend” who would always preface her helpful remarks with “No offense but…”. Those friends can be even more hurtful than the random stranger but we learned to just laugh it off – our own personal family joke. So, no offense but, your blog is awesome and the amount of quilting, canning, exercising you achieve is amazing. You have definitely made a difference in my life by inspiring me to do more with my time and talents. Thank you.

  22. So sorry you were “flamed”, Jo!
    Fox News did a story just this morning about how all the social networking has led to mean-spirited comments that young people read to be as humorous or jokes. People who are civilized know better! Sending quilty hugs, Vic in NH

  23. Im so sorry someone did that. Your blog is so inspiring and fun to read. Please dont let that one person get to you. Many many more us enjoy visiting with you everyday. If a person cant be thankful for something free, there is no helping them.

  24. I really enjoy reading your blog; you get so much done in a day! What an inspiration you are. I have also visited the learning website several times and cannot wait for my infant grandbabies to get just a bit older so we can start using your activities. Please do not be discouraged by “mean girls” who make thoughtless and spiteful comments. Your sites are both terrific and you are doing a fabulous job on both……, does that mean I am going to tackle a crumb quilt just yet??? Well, no…….but I am enjoying watching the progress of yours!

  25. First of all, I’m enjoying your Crumb Along With Me challenge…so much fun!
    Regarding the criticism…know that when someone criticizes, especially anonymously, their criticism comes from their own personal suffering…and usually that personal suffering revolves around the criticism. Bless them and keep moving forward. Keep doing what you’re doing. You bring a lot of joy into the world.

  26. Hi Jo….I went and checked out the other site and it’s a great resource. I just found out I’m going to be a great aunt and have already seen some great ideas to use in projects. Thank you for the work you’ve done to make this accessible to others.

  27. I have never figured out why some people feel the rest of should know their negative opinion…really, if you don’t like a site, move on, and leave the rest of us who do appreciate the time, expertise and LOVE that goes into producing a web site, to enjoy it! We are all entitled to our own opinion, but how about practicing the golden rule as a priority!

  28. I want you to know I enjoy your blog and you inspire me on a lot of things. Your Make Learning Fun site is a great learning tool
    and I appreciate the fact it is free also. The Crumb Along you are
    doing, your recipes you share along with the website tell me you
    are a giving person who wants to make the world a better place.
    Someone who would say the hurtful things they did to you doesn’t like themselves very much and wants to bring others
    down with them. Ignore them. They aren’t worth the energy.

  29. So sorry that you received such mail…I have used several of your sheets for my kids and shared it with their preschool teacher when I found you(and they liked it).

    I enjoy your blog because you get SOOO much done and it is varied projects so always something new to learn about. Do what you enjoy and ignore those comments that should be ignored.

  30. Jo, sorry about the rude comment you received..don’t let one bad apple spoil the bunch…you have soooo many who love your blog and your ideas, we love sharing your life with you too! I have enjoyed participating in the crumbalong and love your presentations and directions, keep it up..we love ya

  31. I can’t figure out why people have to be rude to others – life is too short to be mean to people. Keep up your good work Jo – I enjoy reading all about your activities.

  32. Some “beings” really let themselves down! Too sad really, but such remarks reflect on the inadequate abilities of the author and not to prom that being directed it to. Sad ins’t it? You just never mind, continue as you began, being a compassionate and caring woman who can never be defined by such another person feeling inadequate about his or her self. Komondors to you and you realize just how terrific we believe you to be….
    Thanks for your wonderful sharing throughout the years and I and I bet others cannot wait to hear more adventures in the house!!!!

  33. While I love this iPad it certainly shows that I am not paying sufficient attention typing too fast and not proof reading shows up all of my typos!!! LOL sorry for the misspells everyone

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