Blessed by Floss Givers

I’ve gotten LOTS of floss from blog readers lately.

This BIG box came from Canada!  It made it through customs and right to my heart.

I’m in love.  I can’t thank my British Columbia blog reader enough.  It was such a joy.

I was sorting to my heart’s content.  Seriously.  I don’t know what it is about sorting and organizing floss that makes me so happy.

So happy….See???

Poor Kelli and Kayla were my helpers.

and Georgia too.  You can see her cute little painted toe nails.

After that was sorted….there was more.  Lots more.

See this haul of stuff that came in my mail from Mary Ann.  See was cleaning out crafts and thought of me.  There was lots of fun stuff including the blue bag you see….it’s all embroidery floss!!!  I’m in stitching shape.

No fear…we tackled that blue bag of floss too!!

WOWZY.  Can you say FLOSS??

I had more though.  This came from Kathy in NV.

This was floss that was her mother’s from long ago.  Much of it was Anchor and Coats and Clark.  Kayla said, “If you’re looking for a home for floss, I can take some to school.”  She explained that periodically through the school year they have days when there isn’t regular instruction.  On those days she often teaches the kids how to make friendship bracelets like she did as a kid.  This floss was perfect for that.  She told me the should I ever get more floss in, she’d take some more.  Well that’s when Kelli said, “Wait…I could use some”.   Bahahaha.  They are so funny.

We had a great silly sort of afternoon…no stress…just sitting and chatting.  It’s what this momma needed.  The little pink toe nails on this was a smile I needed too.

After we were done sorting floss the consensus was that I have ALMOST all of the colors.  I thought I was about 25 short then Kelli informed me that DMC came out with a new bunch of colors 1-35.  I guess I’ll have to be on the lookout for them.  I never planned on getting a complete set but now that I’m this close I think I’ll look for a big sale at Joann’s and pick up the rest.

Thanks to the ladies that sent me thread and other goodies.  It sure was a fun day and the gift will keep giving as I use the thread.  It was so thoughtful of you.

16 thoughts on “Blessed by Floss Givers”

  1. Whatever makes you happy Jo! I smiled reading how you enjoy sorting floss! Aren’t babies’ feet and toes the cutest?

  2. A friend had my motherinlaw and myself over to go thru buttons. The three of us spent several very happy hours going thru boxes and bags of buttons and finding ones for mom to use on baby sweaters. We chatted and solved all our problems. It was an amazingly fun and relaxing time.

    Floss does that to me also.

  3. So wonderful to see you with that huge smile. I think it did your readers as much good as it did you! Hugs to all the Kramer’s.

  4. Congratulations on such a blessing! You have done so much for your readers in the past – we just love to return the favor!

  5. The painted baby toes are too cute……wow………….fun floss…….I wish I knew how to cross stitch….love all the things you are making…

  6. Judith Fairchild

    Are you all O.K. after the storm yesterday. I just read about the tornado in Charles City. Googled the map of it and saw how close it was to the northern Iowa, Mississippi river border. Saw that it was not to far from you. Prayers going up for all the storm victims.

  7. Looks like a lifetime supply of floss to me! Isn’t it great that such a simple thing as sorting floss or fabric can make us so happy?

  8. Sorting is my favorite too although I wrap mine and store them in plastic cases by number. I am a little jealous. I may go out and buy the new colors I haven’t gotten.

  9. Jeanie Stufflebeam

    Jo, you are inspiring. After reading your blog, I organized my floss. Then, I even worked on some photo/scrap books–so satisfying. The pink baby toes are precious!!

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