Blast from the Past: Quilts from November 2009

’m starting up a little series of posts that feature old blog posts.  Kalissa and I have been going back and looking at them.  It’s been fun.  I started blogging in June of 2009…WOW.  Ten years.  I’m so glad I’ve kept the blog as a diary of sorts.

Today I thought I would show you the quilts I finished in November of 2009.

This was my Waverunner quilt.  Back in the day Victoria Findlay was blogging and not the known person she is now.  She was hosting a quilt along for this quilt.  The links and tutorials are all gone which is a bummer as seeing this quilt has me thinking I’d love to make one again.  It was so fun to make.

I think this quilt had me first introduced to improv quilting.

The sad thing about this quilt, I ended up giving it to my great niece Rhyleigh.  Just a couple days after her first birthday she died from SIDS.  It’s hard for me to believe that she would be nine this year.  How could the time have gone so quickly?

I’m kind of kicking myself because I only took THREE pictures of this quilt.  I want to see more pictures!!  What can I say, I was new to blogging then.

You can read more about his quilt HERE.

UPDATE:  Two blog readers let me know the tutorial is still available for the wave runner quilt.  It can be found HERE.

Here’s another quilt I finished….
Amanda Jean from Crazy Mom Quilts, sent out the challenge for everyone to make a second quilt from her quilt along.  I loved my first one…so I accepted the challenge and made another.  This is that quilt.
You can read more about this quilt HERE.  This was also a fun and simple quilt to make.  The premise was to make a block a day or something like that.  I would make a few in on session every week.  I’m too impatient to make only one block.

At this time in my life I read tons of other blogs.  Most of my computer time was spent reading blogs and very little was spent writing blog posts.  Nowadays, that is completely the opposite.  I read only 2 or so blogs.  I love them but don’t have enough time the day to keep mine up and read others.  Back then I did a lot of quilt alongs and such but again…no time.  I kind of miss it but I do love doing my own thing more.

Can you believe I finished a third quilt in November of 2009??

It was a Schnibble.  That was what Miss Rosie Quilt Company called her small patterns that used two charm packs.

This Schnibble was named Picnic.  I made mine from two charm packs from the Pashmina Moda Fabric line.

I really enjoyed making Schnibbles but then I had so many wall hanging quilts that I started to enlarge them and make them into baby quilts.  It was fun.  I made one month for two years I think…WOW.

One thing I noticed in writing this post….I mentioned Victoria Findlay.  She has completely changed her blog of then and has gone on to publish a few improv quilting books.

I mentioned Crazy Mom…after years of blogging, she quit and not longer blogs.  She also published a couple books.

I mentioned Carrie Nelson from Miss Rosies Quilt Company.  She no longer does patterns like she used to.  She works for Moda now.

Me…I’m still here blogging away…I’m posting more pictures and posts more often but for the most part, still here doing my thing.  I have fun with these blasts from the past.  I can’t help but wonder what it’s going to be like to look back and read what I’ve read 10 years from now.

12 thoughts on “Blast from the Past: Quilts from November 2009”

  1. I only read a few blogs with my first cup of coffee early in the morning before heading out to the barn. Quilting blogs are fun and interesting but it’s too easy to sit there for an hour and not accomplish anything at home. I’m glad you’re still blogging, I sure enjoy reading your posts early in the morning. Happy Stitching!

  2. I only read a few blogs – you everyday or whenever you post, Kalissa’s Pink Shoelaces, and a couple more.
    I don’t blog but I enjoy reading them. I was telling hubby the other day that I used to follow the Pioneer Woman years ago when she blogged about daily life on the ranch and posted recipes – way before she became famous!
    Times sure have changed.
    I do enjoy reading your blog (and visiting with you) and feel like you are family. You’ve been so generous to share your life with us – all of your life – and you don’t pull punches. And I think that’s why everyone loves your blog and your family.
    Love and prayers

  3. Thank you for sharing. I thought I would become a blogger when I retired but it is a lot of work. I suppose once you get it down pat, its not so hard.

  4. So glad you’re blogging! I read you first thing each morning and it’s a wonderful way to start my day. You are
    so positive but in a real way and it lifts the start of my day.

    I read the sad news a couple of days ago that Miss Rosie passed away a few days ago from a stroke. She was suffering from an autoimmune condition.

  5. I followed Victoria Findley too and participated in a bee of hers which was great fun. When she put out her book it was fun to see one of my blocks. I too used to follow a lot of blogs and I even started blogging but when health issues hit I didn’t quilt much so I just kind of quit. That and I started spending more time on Facebook which is a real time waster. I remember the Schnibbles craze. I still have a couple of charm packs and a pattern that I was going to make and haven’t. A lot of people I used to follow don’t blog any more and I wonder what happened. I’m so glad you still blog.

  6. I loved seeing the improv quilt! This type of quilt has become my favorite kind to make – I’ll get over this craze and find another favorite in time. You are still the most prolific quilter I know!

  7. Thanks for posting the throwback quilts. I love Crazy Mom’s quilt. I will put it on my quilt bucket list! I sure miss her blog! Your blog is my favorite and I am so glad you post regularly.

  8. Love reading your blog and seeing your quilts. Just an FYI. The one line of your blog today reads that you are showing quilts you finished in November “2019”. I think you meant 2009. Ten years from now it might be confusing. :) I too followed Victoria around the time her first book came out and bought her book hoping to make a wedding ring quilt. And I remember you blogging about the Schnibbles quilts and really liked them. Keep up the good work of inspiring us with your lovely quilts.

  9. That was fun seeing what you did 10 years ago, Jo. I started blogging 10 years ago also, but I only made one quilt starting in January. It was a baby quilt. Things haven’t changed here much. I’m still doing baby quilt – grin. Thanks for sharing.

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