Blast from the Past: Quilts and Projects from January 2011

I’m doing a little series of posts that feature old blog posts.  I have been going back and looking at them.  It’s been fun.  I started blogging in June of 2009…WOW.  Over ten years.  I’m so glad I’ve kept the blog as a diary of sorts…today I’m telling you about projects I finished in January of 2011.

I went to write the February Blast from the past only to realize that I forgot to write the January version…so today is the January version and the February version will be featured later this month.

In February of 2011 I wrote:
I am a Bonnie Hunter fan….a big Bonnie Hunter fan.  I have both of her quilt books and even pre-ordered her newest book (Rumor is that they will be shipped next week!!)  One of her previous books and the newest one both suggest repurposing fabric and making it into quilts.  I keep thinking I want to try it but didn’t quite know how I was going to get enough shirts to make a quilt.

Wonder no more!!  I found shirts…lots of shirts.”


Can you believe it…39 shirts… $13.  One of the local thrift stores was having a sale.. 3 shirts for $1.  I am not sure I am going to like this but there should be enough here to give it try.  I have spent $13 on crazier things….”

Well, blog readers…that was the start of something because today, I am still making quilts with shirts.  I couldn’t thank Bonnie Hunter enough for introducing me to the prospect.  Seriously, some of the favorite quilts I have made have been with shirts!!

Back in 2011, I still have my Pfaff Grand Quilter with Next Generation frame and was longarming with it.  Back then…Kelli did her own quilts.  Not anymore.  She’s spoiled and machine quilt her stuff now.  I even bind her quilts.  Really spoiled!!

She was making this quilt for Jason’s birthday.  I LOVE this quilt and I’ve often thought to make one.  You can still get the pattern but it’s in this book now…Farmhouse Favorites.  HERE is an Amazon link for the book.  The book has lots of quilts I’d like to make!!
Birdseye-1So pretty.
This little bag was my latest Moda Bakeshop project.  You can find the pattern HERE.

I was busy working on my Nine in the Middle quilt.  Oh, I love this quilt.  I did go on and finish it.  You can find this pattern in Bonnie Hunter’s book Scraps and Shirttails Book OneHERE is a link for that book.

I was picking up and working UFO projects…this was one of them.
Kelli was working on this quilt…It is from the book Scrap-Basket Surprises.  You can find the book HERE.


I have loved this quilt.  It’s made with Moda’s fabric line Beach House.  The backing she got as a clearance fabric for super cheap…$2 a yard!  It was JUST wide enough so she had to be careful when she was quilting.

I was working on this quilt.  I wrote:
“This pattern is Judy from Patchwork Times, June Mystery quilt.  If you want to see the original quilt or get the pattern, follow this link.   It sewed up SUPER quick…it’s the “getting it quilted” part that slowed me down.  When I was working on the binding, hubby said, “You’re not giving that one away are you?”  After some discussion, I found out he likes this one which makes me think I’ll keep it.”


You can read more about my finishing the quilt HERE.

quilt-wholeI did not keep the quilt.  It was gifted but I’m not sure who got it.


I was busy with this quilt…


This quilt is made with the fabric line “Swanky” from Chez Moi for Moda.  The pattern is a Moda Bakeshop pattern and HERE is the link to it.  I had a jelly roll here that needed to get used and it was a great way to use it up.


I had to laugh when I saw this.  I was so excited.  I had bought this and planned to make the quilt in the pattern with the fabric.  It was my birthday present.

I found this when I cleaned my sewing room.  I hadn’t touched it.  Bummer.  Maybe I need to make another UFO list and put this project on it.

I was also busy working on my mystery quilt, Roll Roll Cotton Boll.

I was busy-busy.  Check out this lap quilt I made…


I wrote:
The quilt was made after watching this tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  At the end of the segment, they show a finished quilt….this is it.  I love trying new things so after watching the video, I order the things needed and made it but I didn’t finish it for Christmas 2009 or Christmas 2010.  I think this quilt will be a donation quilt.  There are a couple upcoming events that need donations, and I think this would work great.  The quilt is just the wrong size for me… it’s 54″ x 54″…not a lap quilt…too big for me to hang.”

I was finishing UFO projects…Here’s another.

I wrote:
Here’s more good news….I am participating in Patchwork Times, UFO Challenge.  These blocks were listed as project number 8.  The blocks were part of the Buck a Block program one of the local quilt shops is hosting.  I didn’t purchase the finishing kit and knew I wasn’t planning on making the quilt as the shop suggested…so I knew I needed to come up with something for the blocks.  A few days ago when I was listing all my projects that needed to be finished, I was thinking that I need a Christmas tree skirt….the two ideas, blocks and skirt, just meshed and I am SO glad they did“.

TreeSkirt-1The pattern that this is model after is a free internet pattern, Stars All Around Tree Skirt.  It’s designed by Darlene Zimmerman.  Here’s a link to the pattern.  I needed to add fabric to the center star to make it big enough to fit the size of my blocks.  Besides that, I followed the pattern.  It was a quick project that I am so glad to have finished.”

This was later gifted to one of my girls.

I sure was busy in January of 2011.  I wasn’t doing childcare at the time and had LOTS more time to sew.  It is so fun to look back and see what I was up to.

7 thoughts on “Blast from the Past: Quilts and Projects from January 2011”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    You were busy! Like all the quilts. The quilt that hasn’t been touched.ioks like a great quilt to do. I wonder if I can still get that pattern.

  2. Beautiful quilts. You’re not “spoiling” Kelli by quilting her quilts, you are loving and helping her!! I had never seen the Missouri Star Quilt tutorial making that one quilt even though I watch many of their tutorials. I’ve made a stack and whack and it was fun but sure like the different, scrappy look. Thanks for sharing all these projects.

  3. The Avignon picnic quilt with the bright jelly roll is very pretty! Looks almost like a mid century modern design :) Love the pinwheels quilt too!

  4. Beautiful projects! Thanks for the Moda Bake Shop link. I have a jelly roll that would work for that quilt. My Roll Roll Cotton Boll quilt was gifted to QOV. I didn’t like that mystery.

  5. I made Judy’s Patchwork Times June mystery quilt. And I gave mine away without tak8ng a phpto. I miss Jusy’s quilting. And I enjoy your blogs. I look for them every day. Ypu are so inspiring.

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