Blast from the Past: Quilting July 2011

I’m doing a little series of posts that feature old blog posts.  I have been going back and looking at them.  It’s been fun.  I started blogging in June of 2009…WOW.  Over ten years.  I’m so glad I’ve kept the blog as a diary of sorts…today I’m telling you about projects I finished in July of 2011.

I finished Kalissa’s Crumb Quilt.  This was the first real crumb quilt I ever made.  I had so much fun with it!!

It was my first real leap into making wonky free-form letters too.  I wrote, “Kalissa Georgia” and “Dream Big” on her quilt.

I know the quilt looks pretty random.  In reality, it’s made of blocks.  I alternated between fussy made crumb blocks and regular crumb blocks.  The fussy blocks all have a heart, nine patch, or some unique feature to them.


You can read more about the quilt HERE.  You can find a tutorial to make the blocks HERE.

I had gone to Country Threads and had seen this…I bought the pattern back then…

Can you believe I finally finished the project this year???  Oh my, ten years is a long-term project!!

You can read about the shop tour HERE.  Oh, I miss that place.

I went on my very first quilt retreat in July of 2011 too…see??
It was a retreat that Bonnie Hunter was the featured presenter.  Kelli went with me and we had a great time!

We worked on Pineapple Blossom…

and My Blue Heaven only I did mine in red.


Kelli and I both went on to finish our quilts.  My Pineapple Blossoms is in the photo below.  Sorry for the poor picture.

…and here is Kelli’s finished quilt.

Kelli did her My Blue Heaven as a scrappy quilt.  This is her’s…

…and mine was done in reds.   Here a link back to see mine.

Both are free patterns on Bonnie Hunter’s site.  You can find them HERE.

I started Bonnie Hunter’s Cheddar Challenge.  I made many cheddar bow tie blocks as leaders and enders for a year.  Then I stopped as I didn’t know how I wanted to set the blocks.

Then I heard that the quilt might be put into a book…so I waited for that book to come out.  Imagine my surprise when I only had 132 blocks and I need 729 for the quilt!

I didn’t finish the quilt until 2018.

You can read about it HERE.

The color is really washed out in my pictures.

I finished Kelli’s last year…She had started the bow tie quilt at the same time I did.

I was busy making patterns for Accuquilt.

This one turned into a free pattern.  You can find it HERE.



This one turned into a free pattern you can find HERE.



I was working on a tumbler quilt.

I didn’t finish that until two years later.  Read about it HERE.


That’s all the quilting that happened in July of 2011.  I was busy in the garden and didn’t have much time to quilt!!  I think the same will be true this year too.

6 thoughts on “Blast from the Past: Quilting July 2011”

  1. I love seeing what you’ve done in the past. And of course, reading how long it took to finish some of them makes me feel better! LOL!
    I’m going to attempt a tumbler block…I have a feeling it may take a looooong time!
    Love and prayers

  2. I made a quilt from Civil War fabrics that were a tumbler block from a Bonnie Hunter challenge. I used 5” charm squares but at the retreat, everyone else was making small ones. She told me I had to make 2 because mine were so big! Well, I finished that quilt and my friend fell in love with it. I gave it to her but some days I miss it. My 5” tumblers were beautiful. All your quilts shown today are beautiful and I’m amazed at how many pieces there are in them. I’m not a person who enjoys small piecing and I won’t do it but I do enjoy looking at yours.

  3. I enjoyed seeing all those beautiful quilts. I still get amazed how beautiful quilts come together from those little pieces. Great job by all.

  4. UI like your curved binding on the tumbler quilt. Did you hand stitch the binding on? All your quilts are beautiful. I think you accomplished plenty in 2011. If I finish big quilt in a year I feel like I accomplished a lot. Between work, chores, gardening, and watching grand children, I don’t fit in much quilting time.

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