Blast from the Past: Quilting from May 2011

I’m doing a little series of posts that feature old blog posts.  I have been going back and looking at them.  It’s been fun.  I started blogging in June of 2009…WOW.  Over ten years.  I’m so glad I’ve kept the blog as a diary of sorts…today I’m telling you about projects I finished in May of 2011.

Not a lot of quilting happened in May of 2011.  Karl was a senior in highschool.  The school year was winding down and if you’ve had a senior, you know that last month gets busy.

I did sneak in some quilting but not a lot.

Kelli and I went to Country Threads and bought the Little Twister Ruler.


Making these was all the rage then.  You sew pieces together like this…


Then cut it apart a specific way with a specific ruler then sew the pieces back together to get something like this…


Were you quilting then?  Did you make one?

You can still find the rulers HERE on Amazon.  They come in many different sizes.  I did the mine one to get this. It was a fun project.  It’s especially fun if you’re having a girl’s day and sewing with someone.

I made this baby quilt.  It’s a free pattern on the blog.  You can find it HERE.  It’s video only.  Sorry.

I was deep in making Kalissa’s crumb quilt.

I love crumb quilting but it isn’t quick at all.

I started… Cactus Patch quilt.  It’s a Bonnie Hunter quilt from the book Scraps and Shirttails Book #1.  I love this quilt…really love it!

We had a project with Moda Bake Shop…you can find the pattern for our kid’s messenger bags HERE.

I did a video on how to make this Sunbonnet Sue dishtowel.
SunbonnetSueDishClothYou can watch the video HERE.  It’s really much easier than it looks.

Kelli was working on a graduation quilt for Karl.  This was the pattern.  School colors here are red, white and black so this was perfect.

That’s all the quilting that happened but lots of family things were happening.  Karl and Kalissa both had prom and prom dates…

I made a HUGE batch of salsa.


I also catered the graduation party food.  We always let our kids pick the meal they wanted to be catered.  Karl’s desire…meatballs.  He wanted meatballs with the white sauce gravy.HERE is the Meatball recipe.  We were expecting 150 guests…more actually came.  It’s a good thing I made 600 meatballs!!  There were only 30 left after everyone had gone home.

I made four pans of bars, salads, potatoes, and green bean casserole for everyone too.  I was a busy girl.  You can see why I didn’t get a lot of quilting done!

14 thoughts on “Blast from the Past: Quilting from May 2011”

  1. Yes, I was quilting back then and I made 2 Twister quilts. A queen sized quilt made out of all Kaffe fabrics for us, which hung in a quilt show that summer and I had many offers from people who wanted to buy it. I kept it. I also made a queen sized raffle quilt using Twister for the same show. So fun to remember that time!

  2. I love your crumb quilts! And Wow! 600 meatballs!! I used to love cooking for the family get-togethers, but it wasn’t ever for that many people haha

  3. I made a twister small project but right now for the life of me
    I have no idea where it is living in my house. You have inspired me to hunt for it. I really enjoy reading all your blog entries, even the late at night posts. You have inspired me to return to my sewing and cross stitching.

  4. That volume of cooking was mostly for church youth groups,sports; then for homeless hot meals on the weekends.BUT never 600 meatballs….WOW.

  5. Loved your video of the hexagon quilt. It was really easy. I like the old hair style. My how we all change as we grow older. Great tutorial! And you really did many projects. Great job, that oldie!

  6. Ah, yes – I remember well the busy times of graduations! Cleaning, food, running kids, setting up tables, etc. and overnight guests because we didn’t live near our families… and the mischief my family wrought when we left them at our house while we went to the graduation ceremony (rain meant it had to be held inside, thus limiting the number of tickets). They TP’d the inside of our house and left before we got home – but it was funny!
    I did a couple of “twister” quilts – a snowman and a lady bug. Unique and fun to do!

    1. Kristie Partain

      I can relate to the mischevious family. We do have fun with it. One year we switched around the tools in my brothers toolbox with the silverware. What made it extra fun was my sister in law served us breakfast and instead of silverware, she set the table with wrenches, pliers and screwdrivers. We still laugh about that!!

  7. Jo, I found your blog a couple of years ago, and I just love reading your posts. There seem to be many similarities between us, which is what initially made me a regular reader. For instance, we both raised ‘large’ families (I have four kids) and have sons named Karl. I didn’t realize, until reading this post, that our Karls are the same age! Mine, too, graduated in 2011. Reading this brought back so many memories of his senior year, graduation, and open house (which I also made all the food for 100+ guests–with the exception of the pig that my husband roasted).

  8. Yes, I made a couple of twister quilts. Not big quilts, more like table toppers. I still have the ruler.

  9. Is the pattern available for the two larger sizes of the owl bag? The original Moda link doesn’t work (as you have indicated previously), but the linked post only has the small size. Thanks for all your work on your blog. I enjoy reading each day.

  10. No I never got into that twister craze. I think at that point, I’d already decided I had enough specialty rulers that I didn’t like and/or didn’t use.

  11. I want to make one of those twister quilts, but in baby size just to see if I can do it. And I will use charm packs. I think that will work. Would it require a special size ruler for the charm packs (5″ squares)?
    Jo, 600 meatballs? OMHeavens, you are a workhorse….But you always manage to get it done somehow!!

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