Blast from the Past: Perkioman Daydreams

Back in the fall of 2011 Kelli was working a five day a week day time job.  Weekends she was free and many of them, she came home and had sewing days with me.  I loved that and miss it but alas…that’s life.

Kelli got it in her head that we should make Perkioman Daydreams quilts from Bonnie Hunter’s book Scraps and Shirttails.  I was game.  We had LOTS of fabric that we weren’t in love with anymore so it was great to get that used up and out of our stash.  We thought we’d sew together on the quilts.

It was the silliest of days…and by the end of it, we decided to make FOUR, yes FOUR quilts.  Kelli was in such a silly mood that she had us wearing 1 1/2″ strip headbands!!


I cried no fair you need one too…


Then Kelli thought the dogs needed a head band too….That’s about when our youngest daughter Kalissa came in and decided we were just plain crazy.

She insisted on a picture.


Gracie (our beagle before Ruby)  thought I needed to act my age…


…and I was thinking what fun is that?!?!?   Anyway..back to the quilt.

So did we ever finish the quilts…Yes..and no.  We’re close.  We made one for Kayla and one for Buck.

Then I went on and finished mine.

Kelli’s is partially finished.  I think she got it 3/4 of the was together and realized she was a block off and needed to start ripping.  I can’t remember if she finished getting it back together.  I did make a vow that I wouldn’t use mine until her’s was finished too.  I think I’ll have to start bugging her to finish her’s.

For those of you not familiar with the quilt…it’s LARGE and all of these pieces finish at 1″.   The quilt is time consuming to sew but in reality it’s not hard…there’s just a lot of it!!



This quilt is an awesome stash buster as truly anything goes!!

You can read more post about our silliness here, here and here.  I have lots of quilts that I’ve made that wouldn’t bother me to give away…this quilt.  Yep.  It would bother me to give this one away.  It’s on top of my cabinet in the sewing room.  It’s staying there until Kelli’s is finished and then I’m taking it down and sleeping under it for a few nights….but alas…I’m waiting for Kelli!

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  1. Wowzers! 4??? I would have to be a much more organized sewer than I am to do that one. However, the inch and half strips overflowth here.

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