Blast from the Past: November 2012

I’m doing a little series of posts that feature old blog posts.  I have been going back and looking at them.  It’s been fun.  I started blogging in June of 2009…WOW.  Over ten years.  I’m so glad I’ve kept the blog as a diary of sorts…today I’m telling you about things I was working on in November of 2012.

It was a busy month.  I was still hosting the Quilt Square Quilt Along.  I had a lot of fun with that.  This was the October block.  I made if from leftovers from my FREE pattern School Spirit.  You can find that pattern HERE.

These were the November blocks.  I did one in Christmas colors.

Kelli and were tag teaming and making Perkimon Daydreams quilts.  I took them and pinned the in the car ALL OF THE TIME.

Then when I got home I would sew everything I had pinned.

Easy Street was… the Bonnie Hunter Mystery that year.  I was sewing away on the first clue.

I have a project featured with Moda Bake Shop.  They were Pet Mesh Bags.  I did them in the school colors and Kalissa often used them for cheerleading.  You can find the FREE pattern HERE.

I was working on these two wool pincushions from Primitive Gatherings.  I had the wool in place and needed to do the stitching.

Ruby, our previous beagle, was just a little pup.  We got her at the end of October 2012.  This was one of the first pictures she posed for.  She was showing off Kayla’s wedding quilt.

Here is another picture of her and the quilt.  You can read all about Kayla’s Wedding Quilt HERE.

We went on to publish the quilt in our book Country Girl Modern.  You can get the book HERE.

This was the second time I made the quilt…Here’s Gracie posing on the original quilt…and here’s the link to the blog post that tells more about it.

For the book, I made the quilt yet again in bright printed fabrics.

I was busy working on my Pineapple Crazy quilt.  I had lots of people ask how I organized for the project.  You can find how I did it in the post HERE.

We were participating in a blog hop and were asked to design a quilt block for it.  We came up with this block.  HERE is the link to find the free pattern for the block.  The center is embroidered and the rest is pieced.

The funny thing is I came across this block a couple of weeks ago and thought I should do something with it.  That hasn’t happened yet.

Kelli was at the quilting machine.  That NEVER happens anymore.  I showed this picture to her and both of us were trying to figure out what quilt she was making.  Neither of us can come up with a name.  I’m wondering if I might discover it when I write my December “Blast for the past” post.  I love the quilt and wouldn’t mind making one.

I met my blog friend Debbie for lunch.  So fun.  I still remember the day with fond memories.

Ruby was the star of November.  We all were busy loving on Ruby.

This is our daughter Kalissa…

Here’s our son Karl.  They were both in highschool at the time.

My blog friend Ila spoiled her with toys.

November wasn’t completely drama free.  Kalissa rolled our pick-up.  Oh, that was by far both mine and Kramer’s favorite vehicle.  It was totaled.  Thankfully everyone was okay.

We had things to celebrate too.  Kayla, our second daughter, got married.  Here is a picture of me and our girls.  From the back left to right are me, Kalissa, Kelli, and the star of the show, the bride, Kayla.

It was certainly a fun-filled month.

Now ten years later I am sitting at the computer writing this post finding it VERY hard to believe that Kayla is celebrating her 10th anniversary this year!  It’s one of those moments when it feels like it all happened yesterday but also feels like it happened so long ago.

I love writing the Blast from the Past posts.  It truly is like going back and reading an old diary.

4 thoughts on “Blast from the Past: November 2012”

  1. Again, so fun to see these blasts from the past. Really neat to see your children in their younger days. So sorry about the truck, but yes, thankful nobody was hurt.

  2. how iKayla doing with her health issues ?? this time of year can magnify this sort of issue. everyone is eating all the goodies and the weather can be crushing.

  3. I just bought your book at our quilt show. Was so excited to see it. Can’t decide which quilt to make first. My scrappy group loved it also.

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