Blast from the Past: June 2011

I’m doing a little series of posts that feature old blog posts.  I have been going back and looking at them.  It’s been fun.  I started blogging in June of 2009…WOW.  Over ten years.  I’m so glad I’ve kept the blog as a diary of sorts…today I’m telling you about projects I finished in June of 2011.

My yo-yo table runner was in terrible shape.  I made this back in the 90’s.  By 2011 it needed a little updo.  I had to take a yo-yo apart to get the size and remake several of the yo-yos.


This had been my travel project for a couple years in the 90s.  I had a great time making it and if I weren’t cross stitching, I’d be tempted to make another, but alas, cross stitching takes up my couch, evening, and travel time now.

I was having trouble with my Pfaff Grand Quilter.  You can read about it HERE.

KelliKelli was at the machine and was doing the machine quilting on her project.  I can’t remember the name but it was a Miss Rosies Quilt Company project.  It’s the cover quilt in this book.  You can find it HERE.

Kelli made a lot of Miss Rosie quilts before we started designing quilts together.  I’d love to make this one.

I was heading on the down hill slide of finishing up Kalissa’s Crumb quilt.  You can see… that I had here name done at this point.

Kelli and I were working on Moda Bake Shop projects.  This stack of fabric came in.

We later made that into THIS QUILT.  By following the LINK you can see the quilt and get the free instructions.

I was working on this quilt…another Moda Bake Shop project.  This was from the Curio line by Basic Grey.  This turned out to be a very popular project on Moda Bake Shop.

CurioBy following THIS LINK you can see the quilt and get the free instructions.

I finished a quilt…


I had these blocks around for over seven years.  They are made with the first Civil War print fabric I ever bought.  The pattern is simply called Pinwheels.  It is from Pat Speth and Charlene Thode’s book, Nickel Quilts.  I really enjoyed the quilts in this book and am glad to have it in my library.   The premise of the book is to make all your quilts from 5″ charm squares.

The blocks for this quilt were created when I made a different quilt.   It was so fun as I made two quilts at once.  This quilt was gifted some time ago.

I was on the road and visiting Country Threads Quilt shop which has since closed.  It was by far my favorite quilt shop EVER!

I wish I could go back to their punchneedle section and buy patterns.  HERE is a Punchneedle tour of Country Threads.


I did two blog posts from the tour of Country Threads HERE and HERE.

CountryThreads-31I have made two of the quilts in the photo above.  I’d love to make the other one.

When I was there that day I bought the pattern for the quilt below.  I still haven’t make it…I even have the specific blue fabric.

CountryThreads-30I keep telling myself someday…it might just happen.

I’d love to know how many pincushions Mary sold.  She made them and saved the money from sales to buy her piano.  I love that story.  It just goes to prove that little by little if we save, we can afford more anything!!

This was a completed Moda Bake Shop project.  Our Beagle Gracie was on the furniture.  It was new and I wanted to protect it.  I ended up designing this…

JellyRollChairCoverIt uses one jelly roll.  You can get the free pattern HERE.

I was working on tackling my flimsy pile.  I have these three and was busy putting together backings for them.

My quilt machine was busy.  This was a T-shirt quilt Kayla was making and it was on the machine.  I don’t remember who she was making it for.


In June of 2011 I didn’t finish a lot of quilts but I sure was busy doing quilting related things.  I just love looking back and seeing what I was up to.

12 thoughts on “Blast from the Past: June 2011”

  1. Carmen Montmarquet

    I loved looking back at all the quilts you and your girls did! Also loved getting a peak at Country Threads, I wished I had lived closer I surely would have gone!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Good memories and I really like Kelli’s quilt. So much fun you must of had with your daughters making quilts too. I, too, wonder how many pincushions she sold. they sure were beautiful!

  3. Wow you’ve done so much in your life. Love the quilts and the jelly roll chair cover is quite unique.
    I especially love the yo- yo and civil war quilts. Today I was trying to learn how to make flying geese. I don’t have a sewing buddy so I learn by blogs like yours and You tube. I hope to one day be self taught enough that I can create like you do.

  4. SusanfromKentucky

    Jo, do you happen to know the name of the pattern of the middle quilt in the picture at Country Threads? I believe you said you hadn’t made that one. Has Mary got it listed on her site? Thanks!

  5. Good afternoon Jo. I really enjoyed your 2011 Blast From The Past post, especially the punch needle tour of Country Threads. Can you tell me anything about the Halloween punch needle with the black cat and the white pumpkin, such as the name of the pattern or the designer? I really really like this design but I haven’t found any information about it on the Internet. Thank you for any information you could provide. I checked with Mary at Country Threads but she had no information to offer. Thank you!

    1. Sorry Barb. I have no idea. I didn’t buy the pattern. It was just a picture of a project that was available in the store at the time. Teresa Kogut has a lot of punchneedle patterns. Could it be hers?

      1. Good evening, Jo, and thank you for responding. I looked on Teresa Kogut’s website yesterday but didn’t see anything – I thought it looked like her “style, too!” I will keep searching.

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