Blast from the Past February 2013

Ooops.  I found this post in my files and apparently I didn’t publish it.  I am aware I’m a month late but I hated to waste the post.
I’m doing a little series of posts that feature old blog posts.  I have been going back and looking at them.  It’s been fun.  I started blogging in June 2009…WOW.  Over ten years.  I’m so glad I’ve kept the blog as a diary of sorts…today I’m telling you about things I was working on in February 2013.

Bonnie Hunter had come out with her Lazy Sunday Mystery.  I made the quilt.  It was a mystery through the magazine.  Each month another clue came out.  It was fun to sew.  I later gifted this quilt to my brother.

I was working on my Criss Cross Applesauce quilt.

Check out the next picture…
I got it into a top.  I think this was one of the first-er quilts I made with shirts.  We still used this every day in my living room as a TV watching quilt.  Currently Rosie has claimed it as her own.  I can’t believe how bright the fabrics were back then.  If you are looking for the pattern, you can find it here in Bonnie Hunter’s Scraps & Shirttails II: Continuing the Art of Quilting Green.

I was busy trying to finish up my Easy Street mystery and Rosie wanted to help.

I did finish it. You can read about it HERE.

Kelli and I finished two projects that were later published.  This one was in Quiltmaker.  I think Kelli owns this one.  I haven’t seen it in a long time.

This one went on and was published with Moda Bake Shop.  You can see it HERE.

Kelli and I were busy designing part of a row-by-row quilt.  This was our row.  You can find the directions HERE.

I was excited about this book,  15 minutes of Play — Improvisational Quilts: Made-Fabric Piecing Traditional Blocks Scrap Challenges, by Victoria Findlay Wolfe.

I was working on this project.  I’m ashamed to say it’s still a UFO.  I’m going to have to dig that one out….and that project bag it’s in would be great for cross stitch.  It just might be time for me to pull it out.

Kelli was hosting a sew-along on the blog to make this quilt.  Can you believe that it too is not finished?  Kelli petered out because the corners are mitered and she was afraid of doing it.  A few months ago she brought it to my house and say, “Hey mom, do you want to finish this?”  So you guessed it.  Her UFO is not my UFO.

Kelli was busy sewing American Girl Doll clothes.

finish it on Friday Dolls
Kelli finished her Ginger Bell top and I quilted it for her.  You can read more about it HERE.

It is in Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company Spice of Life book.  You can find it HERE on Amazon.  This is in the same book that my True Blue quilt was in.  The book is available as an Ebook copy for only $9.  Totally worth it!

She also finished this John Deere baby quilt.  You can read about it HERE.  I believe this quilt is called Slide Show from Atkinson Designs.

I got a bundle of fabric that is still in this exact bundle and I’ve never touched it.  Are you noticing a theme of untouched things from February 2013?


My husband was still living at the time and I was so thrilled.  He finally got a hobby.  He restored this old filing cabinet for me.  I still have it.  I still use it.  The cabinet is right next to my roll-top desk that I use every day to write blog posts.  Drawer #2 houses my cross-stitch charts and projects.  You can read more about it HERE.

Kramer and I were out antiquing and bought this cabinet.  We had it at our old house.  It never found a home after we moved so we sold it.  Darn.  I kind of wish we wouldn’t have…but I have no idea where I would put it.

In the kitchen, I was busy with my Instant Pot.  I think I had gotten it for Christmas of 2012 so I was learning to use it.  I still make the soup much like this…  HERE is a link to the “recipe”.

I was busy making fried rice.  I still do.  You can find the recipe HERE.

Kramer and I were on a big adventure.  We were living at the farm where he worked in an old farm house.  It was okay but I wanted a house of our own and had convinced him that it was time to start looking.  The kids were leaving home and I was ready to own a home.  This house came up for auction.  We LOVED the location.  It was in the country and not too far from the farm.  It needed a ton of work and we were ready to do it.  We ended up going to the auction and left with the high bid…but, the owner rejected it because it was too low.

We had the option of raising our bid but honestly, it was too much for the place as it needed everything.  We would have had to pretty much do everything we did to this house, only the price tag there was close to $90,000 and we just thought we’d have to put too much money into it.  I was crushed.  I thought my dream was ruined.  Little did know that 6 years later my husband would die and I’d have been on that property with lots of our buildings to maintain, a big mortgage, a huge lawn to mow, and a driveway to snow blow.  No thanks.  I am so thankful that God knew what he was doing and didn’t provide that house.  I love this so much better!!  It’s an unanswered prayer moment that I initially was sad about but now I am so thankful.


You can read more about it HERE.

That’s what I have for you!!  Thanks for reading along…

5 thoughts on “Blast from the Past February 2013”

  1. I really enjoy reading your Blast From The Past posts, Jo. Gosh, you’ve made a heck of a lot of quilts over the years!

  2. Morning Jo,
    Loved reading this. My question is whatever happened with the house?
    So happy for you that you landed where you did.❤️

    1. They later sold it to someone else for about the same price we had the high bid at. We knew it was for sale but let it pass. In the end it would have cost too much to restore it.

  3. Judith Fairchild

    Yes I think we all have some”Thank God for unanswered prayers. That big house is lovely but oh the aftermath would have been horrid. So glad you have a very happy house to live in now.

  4. You certainly seem to have a great house in a good location. You have made it beautiful and you have it decorated so cute – love it! I wouldn’t say you had an unanswered prayer, but one God answered with a no. We know God knows best.

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