Blast from the Past: December 2013

I’m doing a little series of posts that feature old blog posts.  I have been going back and looking at them.  It’s been fun.  I started blogging in June 2009…WOW.  Over fourteen years.  I’m so glad I’ve kept the blog as a diary of sorts…today I’m telling you about things I was working on in December of 2013.

I was working on the mystery that year, Celtic Solstice.

I also started working on our daughter Kelli’s double wedding ring quilt that I made for her wedding.

We had a quilt published in this edition of the Quilty magazine.

Here is the quilt. You can read more about it here. I just loved making this quilt. Simple, easy, and pretty modern.

My daughter Kelli made this quilt for her sister-in-law Megan. She wrote a free pattern for it. You can find the free pattern HERE.

Kelli also finished her Scrappy Trips quilt. You can get more information about the quilt in THIS blog post.

Kelli also made this quilt and offered a free pattern for it. You can read more about it HERE.

I was making Barbie sleeping bags and wrote a tutorial on how to make them. You can find that HERE.

My daughter Kalissa, who never sews, was at the sewing machine making a quilt. She had started it years earlier when I sent her to a quilting class. She finished it.

I believe it was an Atkinson Designs pattern. She even did some of the longarming.

I was working on this quilt…

I was also working on my Smith Mountain Morning quilt. I later finished this and gifted it to my son Karl.

I squeezed in some time to get a charity quilt finished.

These charity quilts got finished too…

…and these…

and another…

I was taking advantage of some end the year sales and bought quilt backings.

By the time the end of the month rolled around, my husband was done in the field and we were back to working on the house. If you remember we bought this old foreclosure house…

We put in all new windows.

I had a foster dog then. Her name was Dixie. I had her for a long time. She finally found a home. Here is Kelli with her.

I shared a family favorite recipe, Fruit Brownies. HERE is a link to the recipe.

Part of me misses the days when I have hours and hours to quilt…part of me looks at the stacks of quilts I have here and I know, I don’t need another quilt! HA!

I do enjoy looking back and seeing what the family was up to. Hopefully, I’ll be around in ten years and can chronicle the current events in a Blast from the Past post.

10 thoughts on “Blast from the Past: December 2013”

  1. It’s great looking back on what was happening in your life, 10 years ago! So many quilts! I find it really interesting to see how your house came together.

  2. Part of me misses the days when I have hours and hours to quilt…part of me looks at the stacks of quilts I have here and I know, I don’t need another quilt! HA!

    Need another quilt? Perhaps not. Need to MAKE another quilt? YES :-)

    Happy Wednesday Jo. Cheers to stitching in between the moments of life and the job you love.

  3. Love reading all your posts..old and new!
    Just have a quick question?…. where did you find the chart for A Christmas Garden. I think you said it could only be found in a book now. I know you mentioned it recently but I can’t find it! Thank you Jo, have a wonderful New Year!

  4. I love your “Blast from the Past” posts. It’s always fun to see what you were sewing, cooking and quilting back then and now. Your quilts are so beautiful!! I enjoy all of your posts.

  5. I always enjoy the blast from the past because Ii wasn’t reading your blog back then and it is fun to see what you were doing and making. Such pretty quilts that you made for charity. I also liked seeing Kalissa quilting and her quilt. Fun times!

  6. Dear Jo, I sure am hoping to read your 2023 “blast from the past” in 2033!

    So fun that you have a record of all the happenings in your quilting and family life to look back on. I so enjoy your blogs!

  7. Susan from Michigan

    Jo, I was looking at your summary of Quilts from 2021, absolutely amazing what you accomplished and some very special quilts! I didn’t see one for 2022. Will you be doing that?

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