Blast from the Past: A Long Forgotten UFO

I’ve been going through the archives from time to time and reading something I blogged about in the past.  I found this post and had a big laugh!  Here’s what it said:

Yes, I am starting a new quilt.  I am warning you now that you”ll probably read several posts about this quilt as it is quite an undertaking for me….
It’s the Tribute to Judie quilt by Carol Hopkins Designs.  You are probably sitting back’s just star blocks Jo, what’s the big deal?  Well, you’re right, it’s not a big deal.  It’s a little deal.  The blocks finish at a small 3″.  The quilt needs 180 of these little 3″ blocks.  WOW!   At this point I am just raiding my scrap box using 1 1/4″ and 2″ scraps.  My hope is to continue this way not using any new fabric for the quilt.

Right now, I have 9 blocks finished.  I’ve taken a week to make them.  If I continue at this pace, I’ll have the blocks completed in 20 weeks!  I think I’ll just be slowly plugging along with the goal of having it finished by 2011. 

I’ve been in love with the quilt ever since I saw it at Telecuma Quilt Shop’s blog…head over to see all the fabulous quilts and projects they have.  If you like civil war reproductions, you’ll LOVE the shop.

How can you not love this beautiful quilt….I have a little box of cut out blocks sitting my sewing machine, waiting for me to have a few minutes of free time.”

BAHAHAHAHA!!  That is so funny.  I didn’t make many more blocks for this quilt.  I ended up going and finding the started project and did a little count I have 24 star blocks done.  That’s a far cry from the 180 I needed to make for quilt.

Looking at the pattern I see that it only makes a quilt that is 62″ x 74″.  Well you know me, that’s not big enough!! So if I were to ever finish this quilt, I’d likely need almost 360 stars instead.  Oh my!!

Here’s my bin of cut pieces that has been messed and needs to be resorted.

What I also find funny is that I later went on to design a quilt that needed the same sized little stars….this….

I so vividly remember harassing Kelli as she was sewing this.  She had lamented over “all those little star blocks” and I had told her to quit whining!!

She made 256 little star blocks.

It’s funny how life has circled around to this point with the little star blocks.  In the original blog post back when I didn’t sew a lot I was daunted by the thought of 180 little start blocks.  Now years later Kelli has sewn a quilt with WAY more star blocks and I’m back to wanting to finish this quilt…and honestly feeling a little intimidated to make all those tiny star blocks.

For now, I’m going to leave the little container of cut out blocks in the kitchen.  I could sort them during nap time.  No promises that this is coming up of the UFO storage bin but, who knows….maybe I’ll catch the star bug.

3 thoughts on “Blast from the Past: A Long Forgotten UFO”

  1. Hmmm, I am trying to figure out how many Churn Dash blocks I need to make . . .they are going to be my L&E after I get the red border pieces for another UFO through. . .getting grad stuff done AND making some progress on UFOs all at the same time. I would also be a bit freaked by all those small stars, but I know you can do it!

  2. Jo pat yourself on the back for making some of the stars! I too fell in love w/ those little stars posted by Temecula Quilt & yrs ago I purchased the pattern. That’s all I have done ~ purchased the pattern! But now w/ your current post I am inspired to go look for my pattern & get started! I love reading your blog especially that your topics are so varied!

  3. Oh my that is a lot of small star blocks! I love those patterns and I have made quite a few of them. I hope you finish your quilt, its charming as can be and a great place to use all those small scraps.

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