Blade Saver Thread Cutter Review

I pulled out my Hawaiian Sunset quilt.  It’s a long term UFO.  I think it’s been on my bucket list of quilts to make for years and years…I’ll have to look again, but I think for over 10 years.  I had pulled fabric and had a tiny start on it.  I have the four patches that go around the quilt done and started the nice patches that are in the center of the blocks.

I needed more center nine-patch blocks and there were a few half-sewn four patches so I thought I would work on them and get a true count on what I needed to get made.

That led me to pull out my BladeSaver Thread Cutter.  I thought I would do a review for you while I was at it.  Heather at Purple Hobbies sent a BladeSaver Thread Cutter to me to review at the same time that she sent the Third Hand Binding Tool.  You can see my review for the Binding Tool HERE.  I did a video on using the Third Hand Binding Tool as well.  You can find that HERE.

So far, I have loved Heather’s products.  She is great to work with.  One of the things I love most about her company is that Heather is a quilter and designs things that she herself feels she needs to make quilting easier.

To onto the Bladesaver Thread Cutter… It comes packaged like this…

Some VERY minor assembly is needed to get the blade in place.  See the slit, at the top, there is a screw there to unscrew.

Inside once you unscrew that, it comes apart like this…

It was time for a new blade in my rotary cutter so I popped it off and put it in the Bladesaver Thread Cutter as shown.

I assembled it by tightening the screw.

I popped it in place and it’s ready to use.  How easy was that??

The beauty is that this cutter will truly last forever.  You can change the blades yourself.  You can recycle your old rotary cutter blades.  It’s a great deal.

Now if you want to see it in action, I filmed a fast one-minute or so video.  Just push the arrow and it will play.

Something else I love about Heather’s products is that they come in many different colors.  I, of course, picked red.  There are 15 colors in total!!  They also come in three different sizes, 28, 45, and 60 for all of the different sized rotary cutters.  HERE is a link to see all of the sizes and styles available.

I also love that the flower can be taken out and threads can be clipped that way too.  All in all, I’m in love with this.  I actually think I am going to buy a second one so I can have one at each sewing machine.  YEP.  I’m too lazy to go get one when I need it.

Heather extended her 10% discount coupon for you.  If you go to her site, Purple Hobbies (HERE is the link) you can get 10% off anything you buy if you use the code JoSentMe.  (type it in as all one word)

I am so impressed with Heather.  She is building her company by manufacturing all of this by coming up with designs and creating them with 3-D printers.  Make sure to check out her about page as it’s really quite interesting.  She is truly a small business making big steps into the quilting world.

I’m just thrilled that her products are good quality items that I can totally put my stamp of approval on!!  I also love that her items are very affordable and perfect to gift to friends.  Go check her out!

…me, I’m going back to the sewing machine so I can work some more on my Hawaiian Sunset quilt.

18 thoughts on “Blade Saver Thread Cutter Review”

  1. I had bought this before you did the review on the binding tool & have absolutely love pd my thread cutter! I use my used blades in it. They’re still plenty sharp to cut thread & I get lots more use out of them before they finally are thrown away. Your review of the binder & my experience with the thread cutter made me hop onto buying the binder tool. I need to get back on track on my current quilt so I can try that out as well!

  2. I like the looks of the blade cutter and it’s great to have a use for old rotary blades. Thanks for letting us know about it!
    I was wondering if you could recommend a way to re-sharpen old rotary blades so that they are usable again?? I seem to go through them so fast!
    Thanks for your suggestions.

    1. I don’t resharpen my blades. Maybe someone reading the comments will let us know if they use something.

  3. I bought this at a show and love it. I put the opening to the blade right on top so it works just like the other thread cutter I have. I love useful quilt gadgets and I love how this folds down and fits in my travel case

  4. Hi Jo. I saw your recommandation, and hopped over to her website. I am looking forward to trying out the cutter and binding tool.

  5. Ana Marie Sweet

    Just adding another positive review. I love this little gadget. It sits firmly while I am cutting thru the threads and is just so pretty to look at.

  6. I’ve had one of these for awhile, and I love it! Also, you can rotate the blade in the flower when it starts to get dull to make one blade last even longer.

  7. I agree that her items are wonderful and well made. I need to find one of her binding tools. I will attend a few quilt shows this summer and I hope to see one for sale. Your quilt is coming along nicely.

  8. Yea! You are finally working on Hawaii Sunset. I love that quilt. I would like to make it but I can no longer find my magazine. I guess I’ll just have to live vicariously through you. And I too have purchased a thread cutter today. I’ve been wanting one because I chain piece a lot too. Thanks for the videos and all you do. Susan in NC

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