Bitten by the Granny Square Bug

I don’t spend a lot of time surfing the internet, but the few times I have as of late, I’ve been seeing lots of “Granny Square” projects.  I really tempted to make a few blocks…just to give them a try.  Then I thought, “NO, don’t start yet another project.”  Then I justified the whole temptation and jumped right in when I remembered that I would be needing a baby girl quilt soon.

The original pattern for the blocks can be found here at Blue Elephant Stitches.  That original block pattern uses 2 1/2″ squares but I used 2″ squares.  I just like things smaller.  Here are a couple more blocks.  I have been  using the bright scraps of fabric blog readers have been gifting me…THANKS everyone!!

I have four trimmed and ready for a quilt.  I have a stack of seven more here that need to be trimmed.

I’ve been just doing one or two blocks a night until last night.  I got to thinking that baby is due pretty soon so I better get working on the quilt.  Then just as I was going to bed, I noticed a Facebook post that said the baby had just arrived.

Well now I know what project is going to be on my front burner…Jacey’s baby quilt!  Congrats  to my nephew and his wife,  Johnse and Lauren.

14 thoughts on “Bitten by the Granny Square Bug”

  1. I too fell in love with the granny square block. Have a quilt top just waiting for the backing to arrive so it can be finished. Really enjoyed it! Love your blocks!

  2. I’ve been resisting the urge to do that one too and had downloaded the instructions a while back. But now it occurs to me it would be great to start collecting squares to make a scrap quilt. How big did your block finish using the 2 inch squares?

  3. I have a stack of bright set aside to send to you when you first posted you wanted some but my e-mail to you requesting your mailing address bounced. If you still want them please send me the the address at “ Did you do the whites as a square or cut triangles? Thanks for all you do and share with us. Mary

  4. So you’ve been bitten by the granny square bug. I love your blocks and all the others I’ve seen. I will have to give in soon and get going on some blocks myself.

  5. I like the idea of using 2″ squares for this block. What size did the block end up being? It will make a great baby quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I am making a lap quilt of granny square blocks. It is being done in many of shades of blue. I really like the block and I love the finished quilts ( I have done 3 other quilts with the same block). I think the colors you are using will be very pretty.

  7. I’m into Granny Squares,too. I love doing them. I’ve made nine so far. i’m not sure I should stop or make three more.
    Love to see your finished quilt.

  8. HI Jo, It’s Teresa, again. I saw that you made lots of Schnibbles quilts last year. I’ve been trying to find the State Fair pattern everywhere but I didn’t. Do you still have yours. would you like to sell it?

  9. Oh, I really wish that you had not posted those blocks! This has been on my “to do” list for a long time and now that I see yours, it makes me want to get started!!! Now I’ll have to try a few blocks out! I do like how it is made just with squares and not the triangles, just trim it up and be done with it. I think I will try that pattern.

    Have a great day

  10. I love your granny square blocks, I too was “bitten by the granny bug” a couple weeks ago and did a very Scrappy version…really colorful! Thanks for sharing! congrats on the new baby!!

  11. I’m new to reading your blog and enjoy lkoiong at your quilts very much. My daughter is getting married on Aug. 1 and I want to make her a quilt for a wedding present. I was showing her some of your quilts to get ideas of what she might like and this is the one she picked. I am scared to death because I have never made anything bigger than a baby quilt, but your quilts really inspire me. Thanks for the inspiration.

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