Biscuits and Gravy Tutorial (of sorts)

I’m trying to answer as many old questions as I can from the comment section…this one came up.

Doris G asked:
“Is this a pattern that can be purchased? I love the way you incorporated the alphabet! I have an autistic grandchild who loves anything with alphabets on it. Thank you for all you do.”

No there isn’t a pattern for purchase for this quilt. I made it up.

These are the letters in the center. They were from a fabric panel.

You can read all about the quilt and see more pictures in THIS POST.

I’m going to give you a very rough how to but you’ll have to have a little sewing know how or practice on a block first before you cut into all of your fabric.

First off the center of my panel alphabet pieces were about 3.5″ square so that’s what I cut them at. Then for the star point units I cut a background yellow piece at 3.5″. I cut two star point pieces at 2.5″ square.

With right side together I placed the 2.5″ piece in the corner of the 3.5″ background piece. I sewed diagonally as shown.

Cut off the corner. It would be on the solid line 1/4″ away from the stitching.

Fold the corner back and press.

Now do the same thing for the next corner.

Make four of those. Cut four 3.5″ back ground pieces. Assemble your block.

Press. Your block should be 9.5″.

Lay a ruler over the tops of your block. Turn it so it’s wonky. Trim. Make sure to twist and turn your ruler in different directions when cutting each block. The point is to make the blocks look like they are dancing and everyone, except when line dancing, is twisting and turning different ways.

As far as the rest of the quilt, everything is 2.5″ based. The cornerstones are 2.5″ square. The sashing strips are 2.5 x 8.5″.

I don’t remember the width of the borders.

As far as a pattern or tutorial…that’s all I have. As I’ve said before, I hate writing patterns so for me to even do this was about as much as I want to do. Sorry…It just takes so long and it’s easy to make mistakes. That’s why I dread it.

Hopefully, this is enough for you to work with…

9 thoughts on “Biscuits and Gravy Tutorial (of sorts)”

  1. Note to all:
    With 6″ finished borders a creative quilt like this might measure: 62-1/2″x73″
    8-1/2″ finished block
    2″ finished sash

  2. Biscuits and Gravy is so cute. You have several options for your center square–cut up a panel, fussy-cut kid prints, even I Spy. I’m putting this one on my want-to-make list. Thanks Jo!

    1. Morning. I just watched a video of pat Sloan and she mentioned an alphabet pattern. It is no longer in print but you can download the PDF. She has a link on the show notes .. I believe it can be ordered thru fat quarter shop. Hope that helps your reader. Have a happy thanksgiving.

  3. You explained how to do this clearly. I love the way the stars dancem I would not have thought of that. Great idea.

  4. I also thought this was about food! You explained it very well. I like that way of making stars and hope to try it for a quilt soon. Thank you for doing this and I believe it was all that was needed.

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