Birthday Cards and Blocks

About a month ago Kelli broke into the blog and suggested to all of you that you could help me celebrate my big 50th birthday by sending me a card and quilt blocks.  (Here’s a link if you missed that) Well they’ve been coming in….


Initially when I discovered what Kelli did I wasn’t really happy.  I didn’t want you to be spending your quilting time on me.  Then when the blocks started coming in, I’ve been loving it.

People have been sending a block…or a block and note…or a block and some doll patterns….or a block and goodies for the kiddos.  My favorite thing of all is the notes that are sent to me.

One note came from a reader who lived near Pocahontas, Iowa.  Well my dad was born in Pocahontas.  His family moved soon after but I still have family that lives that way.  I love making connections.

Another note came that said the reader so enjoyed my blog and it was the ray of sunshine she looked forward to each morning… sweet!  I feel so humbled.

I say this again and again, I so wish I knew about all of you like you know about me.  That’s why I so look forward to each and every opportunity to connect with a blog reader.

Other notes have encouraged me to not worry about 50 and that it’s just a number.

I’ve said that I’ve been worried about how I’d take the big 5-0.  I didn’t know how I’d like being 50 because for me, it’s been one of those milestone birthdays that tell me it’s time to grow up and act my age….Getting all of the blocks and your sweet notes have been helping me LOTS.

Thanks to all who sent blocks to me.  Once they all come in I promise I’ll spread them all out so that you can get a look at them….they are all so different and interesting.  I have a few more days until the 14th and so far…I’m doing it thanks to the help of all of you and your great shower of cards and blocks.

6 thoughts on “Birthday Cards and Blocks”

  1. Janelle Merillat

    I turned 50 in June (it turns out it really isn’t a big deal!) . If it is any consolation for you, I’ll always be older than you, so you don’t have to worry about “catching up”! Thank You for the wonderful blog!!! I LOVE reading you every chance I get!

  2. Don’t worry about being fifty. When I turned 60 three years ago my best friend of forty years who is four years older than I am said I should remember that 60 is the “new 40”. Well, heavenly daze! I enjoyed 40 so I knew 60 and the years that would follow were going to be fine.

    So 50 must be “the new 30” and with your sweet family plus a wonderful childcare business it would take a well “seasoned” 30 year old to keep up with you on any given day.

    Keep making wonderful memories with one and all. Have a blessed birthday.

    Thank you for your blog. I fell in the Fall of 2009 and your quilting was what helped me believe I would be able to quilt again. It took almost a year, but I have use of that arm without pain and yes, I am quilting when I am not rug hooking. May God richly bless you.


  3. You described 50 as “milestone birthdays that tell me it’s time to grow up and act my age….” Ah, but getting older is more freeing. I finally recognized that many of the rules and regulations and constraints that I lived by in my younger years are just plain silly. There is a widening of life’s stage/perspective. If it’s legal, ethical, moral, kind, it’s probably ok. Who wants to grow up, anyway! :-) ( I’m saying that as look forward to my 77th in a few months.)

  4. I met two wonderful ladies in their seventies a couple of years ago. When they found out that I was 52 they said: Being in your fifties is the best time in life…. You are old enough not to worry what people think of you. Your children are old enough to take care of themselves and your parents are probably in fairly decent shape!
    I thought that was so wonderful especially coming from Americans….:) misunderstand me right – a lot of American women are obsessed with not showing their age, not all and not these two women! Anyway it was a good reminder to me that age is what you make of it! Enjoy your birthday!

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