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I’ve gotten several questions from blog readers wondering when I was going to show off my birthday quilt blocks that so many of you have sent to me.  I’ve been putting it off and putting it off because I keep getting more.  I would snap some pictures of them and then I’d get in a couple more in the mail.  I don’t want anyone to not have their block included but I do want to show them all off too.  I finally decided that I would just show what I have and then wait until later on and do another post if a few more trickle in.

Here is the first look at the blocks…..


Here is the next table full of blocks.


I loved all the blocks.  I truly did and there is such a huge variety.  When I opened the block that had the big Pineapple Crazy block Hubby said, “Wow are they nuts?  Those take forever for you to make.”  I love it.  One of the other kids suggested I take it apart and add it to my blocks but I’m not.  This is for the birthday quilt!


I also recognized this Midnight Flight block.  It was special because it came from one of the retreaters who worked on this during the retreat.  I loved the lime green block.  I had never seen that before.

The wool applique block is really neat.  I told Kelli that we save that one out and make a mini wall hanging with it for the quilting room….


I totally got the best giggle when I saw the appliqued dot.  Remember Kelli said I like red and like polka dots??  Well it was made to order!!  The house ones were cute…one house with a dog and one filled with children.  A couple blocks from our “Thanks to You” quilt came in…


Lots of people added in cute little gifts too.  There were little crochet doilies for my thread holder…pillow cases from my “best friend” Connie….Frozen fabric so I can make something for the childcare kiddos with it.  The kids already tried to use it for “blankets”.  They love all things Frozen.

One of the kids said “Mom, are you really going to use those pillow cases…you’re 50.”  I said, “YES, I really am.  I am celebrating 50 and want to remember each and every day how lucky I am to have made it this far.”   Can you see my attitude about being 50 has really changed.  All of you were a big part of that…THANKS!!  I am so happy to be 50.


As I told you I do love each and everything that came my way.  I’ve always said that my mailbox is the best place.  You all made it even better this month.  I do want to show you this very-very unique block that came from Anne.    The center of the block is a nine patch.  The upper left corner is a beagle dog.  The upper center is letters pieced together that say JO.  The upper right corner is books with and apple for my love of teaching.  The left #14 is that my birthday is on the 14th.  The cupcake in the center with the red polka dot paper is for my birthday.  The center right spool of thread for quilting.  The bottom left with the snowflake because my birthday is in December a winter month.  The center bottom, IOWA…my state.  The mittens on the lower right because I warm hearts.

Oh my…how sweet.  RIGHT?!?!?!  This is so thoughtful.  I knew you all would love to see it!!


I am completely overwhelmed with all the love that has been sent my way via these blocks.  I said it before and I’ll say it again.  The notes that were sent to me were equally as special.  I love to get notes that say…”my parents live in Osage, Iowa”….”I’m from Texas, you don’t know me but you’re my friend”….”I read you every morning”…..”I don’t know how I found your blog but sure am glad I did”.   You have no idea how special all those notes were to me.  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!

Hands down…This was my very best birthday ever!!

P.S.  There is a sweet Marie Callendar giveaway happening here on the blog.

6 thoughts on “Birthday Blocks”

  1. I started making pillowcases for my grand children. I needed something to send them ( 6 hours away, in SE Iowa ) for holidays like Valentine’s Day and Easter that wasn’t candy or another toy. They now get them for every occasion! LOL I quit making them when I saw exactly how many they had. My youngest granddaughter called me and asked if I was mad at her, because I hadn’t made any pillow cases for a while. Broke my heart. So, I make continue to make pillow cases !! I try to send 6 at a time. One for each grand child and a pair for my daughter, who mentioned when I started this, that I used to sew for her! I make them for everybody now. Glad to hear that you will use these! Enjoy.

  2. Happy Birthday a month later! I am fairly new to quilting and love reading your blog. I sent the Red Dot! I am so excited to get the shout-out. I have never contributed a block like this, though I am so often tempted. I let the Perfect get in the way of the Good, and don’t do it. So, I made my block super simple, and mailed it!
    Hugs to you. Linda

  3. A few weeks ago I found you birthday block I made in Nov. I went ahead and mailed it to you. Wondering if you got it? White solid and red with white dots…

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