Biopsy Update for Kramer

Tuesday was appointment day and Wednesday was biopsy day.

I’m getting a little bit smarter when we go.  We’re packing a cooler with drinks and I made a supper that can be warmed in the microwave.  We’re trying not to spend much money.  Neither of us are excited about what we’re eating so good leftovers is plenty fine with us.  My niece Jody talks about a “bad news diet”- meaning you don’t really care about food.  That’s where we’re at.  Our hotel has a WONDERFUL continental breakfast.  It’s more like a buffet so between breakfast and what I bring and the breakfast, we’re just fine.

We had to check in for the biopsy at 5:30am.  Hubby got prepped and then we waited and waited and waited.  He was more than ready to go back for the procedure at 7am but he didn’t end up going back until almost 8:30am.

At about 10:15am the gal at the desk came and found me.  She said that she needed me to report to consult room #3.

This made me nervous.  I’ve not had to do this before and I wasn’t told to expect it.  The surgeon came in and told me that everything went well.  Then he went over the plan with me.  Ah…that was a relief.  I was worried something had happened that was more serious.  It’s a hard way to live but we all have a bit of “what’s wrong now” attitude.  Once we get a little more good news, that will eventually lessen.

He was out and ready for me to see by 11:00am.  Then it was time to do all the things before he could go home- drink-eat-pee-stable vital signs and walk.  We were on the road and headed towards home shortly after noon.

We left with no findings.  We were told that they will likely be in on Friday…so we wait.

Kelli was holding the fort down at our house.  She volunteered to do childcare for me.  What a sweetheart.  It was great she would send little pictures of the kiddos sent to me throughout the day.  It was good to know that they were in good hands.  Unfortunately the lot of them are sick.  Wednesday three went to the doctor and all came back with an ear infection diagnosis and meds.  Carver wasn’t one of them…he is off from childcare for the week as he has influenza A.  Ah…what a bunch of sick kids.

We came home to our neighbor shoveling off our porch and cleaned off sidewalks.  What a treat.  We were both pooped and weren’t up for all of that work.  We had gotten about 10″ of snow!!

We came into the our with the kids yelling “SURPRISE”.  Kelli helped them decorate for Valentine’s Day.

It was super simple but amazingly cute!

She had the kids paint on colored construction paper.  After is was dry she cut out hearts, helped them use the hole puncher and helped them lace them.  PERFECT!

I love the cute simplicity of it.
Here’s the section between the kitchen and dining room.

As for Hubby, he was pretty sore.  The doctor made an incision just above his breast bone.  It isn’t big but the doctor did say that being Hubby is so muscular and thick chested that they had to cut deeper than most.  He was still groggy from being but out so he headed to the recliner and stayed there the rest of the night minus a few ups for a bathroom break and a bit of supper.  His throat was very sore and he sounded super hoarse.  The kids had called and were alarmed after talking to him.  They had to message me to see if indeed he was okay.

I talked to him today.  He went to work before I was awake.  He was so happy to be able to go to work.  He’s always loved his job and truly enjoys going to work.  Right now he knows his days working the way he used to are slowly coming to an end so he’s treasuring the days he can go to work more than ever.  I can take the boy away from the farm but there is no way the farm will ever be out of him.  Right now, we don’t know how much he’ll be able to work for awhile.  If the lung surgery goes through he’ll be off for 5 weeks for sure.

But back to Kelli…after doing the whole day of childcare she stuck around and helped me with a few things and then she took all of the dogs home with her.  She has Ruby, Betsy and Puppycat.  All three dogs need a vet check.  She is taking them all on Friday.  That girl is so brave.  Who would EVER volunteer to take THREE dogs to the vet at once??!!  Ruby has been doing good but it always worries me a bit when she goes for a recheck.  She has thyroid issues and I always wonder if it will be acting up again.  I’ll know more about that on Friday I guess.

I’ll update you on the biopsy results when we get them.

Thanks for all the kindnesses that have been sent our way.  It is so appreciated!!

32 thoughts on “Biopsy Update for Kramer”

  1. The waiting seems to go on and on and I can’t imagine what it’s like for both of you. Your family really sticks together and helps each other out. Wishing you the best!

  2. Jo, As we found out with my son take one day at a time. Your love of family and each other will get you through this. My thoughts are with you. Take Care. Chris

  3. Your are so strong and brave. I know God is carrying you both now . Praying for a good outcome and so grateful you are willing to share your journey you are helping others in ways you can’t know. Stay strong and Know God is with you as well as your many friends and followers.

  4. I’ve been thinking about you all day, I stayed at work late, so I could read the blog and see if there was an update. Good to hear that Roger felt well enough to go to work. It’s hard to keep a good man down. So glad you had safe travels and did not have to drive in all that snow.

    Keeping you at the top of the prayer list.

  5. What beautiful valentines your childcare children made for you!! Sorry so many of the little ones are sick. It’s very hard on them when they feel bad. Aren’t recliners wonderful to sleep in when you can’t lie down in bed?? I sure hope Roger’s tests come back with good results. Best Wishes to the dog wrangler on Friday!!

  6. Jo and Kramer, and kids ! Hugs to those of you I know and thoughts and prayers are with you . The waiting sucks . A friend of mine is 3 weeks into his journey with lung cancer . Love you guys bunches . Loretta

  7. So sorry to hear of his pain and voice issues after his procedures. Not fun! I, too, am glad he felt well enough to go to work. It’s important for him to stay busy. I’m so glad you are able to be with him for his visits. Those girls are great at pitching in. Wishing all good thoughts for the results. My brother drives himself to Waterloo for the time being for his treatments. So far, so good. This may change down the road. I told him I would love to come home to help out if he wants me to. We shall see. Hugs!

  8. My mother-in-law always says, “hurry up and wait.” It’s sad but true. Fingers crossed that the news on Friday is good. God bless all of you.

  9. What a sweet daughter you have. Sure helps knowing you have a helper when you need, doesn’t it? Still praying for good test results. One day at a time is great advice. Prayers sent for you and your family.

  10. So happy you have so much love and support in this trying time! You continue to be in my prayers. It’s good that hubby feels like going to work. Keeping busy with something meaningful is important. Blessings on you all!

  11. I am glad that you have such a good support system. Will be praying for all of your family as it is not easy for any one.

  12. When a family member is dealing with cancer everyone waits. My friend told me don’t worry about the what if’s. Just deal with the facts you know Not always easy but less stressful as always know that pit prayers are with you all

  13. The waiting is always hard, good that you have busy work. Wonderful surprise from the day care kids. You are loved by many. Thoughts and prayers for good news on Friday.

  14. Here’s to more good news as things progress. How sweet that the kids were thinking of you and wanted to make you something!

  15. One day at a time. Try not to worry (better said than done) about what could be. Positive thoughts for both you and Kramer.

  16. Keeping your family in my prayers! Hope there will be some good news for biopsy report on fri. Sending hugs to all!

  17. What a wonderful family and neighbors you have! Having recently gone through the surgery business I feel your pain. Not knowing and waiting are the worst. My last radiation appointment is today! Yay. It is a nuisance but time passes and you will be done sooner than you think! Hugs!

  18. Kelli has been a real trooper! I am sure her helping with childcare has been such a relief for you. Waiting is hard! What a sweet surprise for the neighbor shovelling snow to the Valentines decorations! Still praying for your family!

  19. I just want to send hugs and prayers for your sweet family. Your daughter is a dear one. You have obviously loved her well. It is heartwarming to read about the love in your family.

  20. SusanfromKentucky

    Praying for a positive outcome! You do have wonderful family and friends and they will help you both through this.
    Kelli is brave taking all 3 dogs and being pregnant on top of it!

  21. Such a blessing you have in your close knit family! I admit I’m always a bit shy on opening up your updates but I also on the same hand can’t wait to get them. I’m tickled everything went well enough that your hard working hubby was able to go back to work so quickly. My husband’s 2nd wife (I say lol) is his job he absolutely lives it. Your both in my daily prayers. My favorite saying is “Prayers asked and Answered”. I believe with my heart you will get through this just as you have in the past.
    God Bless

  22. Charlotte Taylor

    Thinking of you and hubby and praying that the biopsy is some good news. You certainly need that. It is wonderful that you have such wonderful family support.

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