Bingo! Knitted Dish Cloths

Last week at the local thrift store I happily spent 50 cents on this….

a knitted dishcloth.  Finding it was just like getting a BINGO!

I just love knitted dishcloths.  A while back my niece had made me some and our daughter, Kayla, had made me some for me.  They are getting a little ratty and stained so I have been on the look out for more.

I am guessing the creator of this one was frustrated with how the middle design turned out because it’s hard to tell what it is.  I don’t care.  It will still wash dishes and I LOVE knitted dishcloths-perfect pattern or not.  I have been told time and time again that I can make them and honestly, I have even tried.  My wrists cramp all up and I can’t count a stitch to save my soul…oh I drop stitches a lot too.  I am just not meant to knit…my daughter Kayla can attest to that as she has tried and tried to teach me.

Any guesses on what that center motif might be??

Anyway…I am just going to enjoy someone else’s reject.  It looks beautiful to me!!

12 thoughts on “Bingo! Knitted Dish Cloths”

  1. I take the yarn to my MIL, and she knits em up till she runs our of yarn. She made me 20 last time, and I am about to drop another bag of yarn off to her. She tried to teach me, but she kept going too fast. I am a crocheter, not a knitter.

  2. Jo send me your address please via email :) I have a few knitted washcloths to send you….I make one a night while watching tv or in car rides

  3. I agree – I see a sunflower. I like to knit dishcloths too but I recently refreshed my crochet skills and now I’m making crocheted ones as well – keeps my hands busy…until I start another quilt

  4. Turn it a quarter turn clockwise and it a beautiful flower with a stem and leaves, though I think it would be prettier if you turned it over first.

  5. I see a sunflower. There are tons and tons of dishcloth patterns with raised designs like that on Ravelry. That’s too much counting for me — I prefer lace!

  6. Jo, it looks like a sunflower to me too. I like knitted dish cloths too but my husband doesn’t so I let him choose and he can do the dishes.

  7. We don’t use them as dish clothes but as wash clothes. I also knit one cloth a night. Sometimes I put something in the center, sometimes I don’t. One of my Gramdsons and his wife use them as bibs for their babies (triplets). I love making wash clothes!

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