Binding Woes…

This Crab Apple quilt is making me crabby yet again….

Yesterday I got the cookies baked.  I got the string blocks cleaned up and trimmed.  I helped my son with the odd jobs so at 8:00 last night,  I decided to cut some binding strips for my Crab Apple quilt and at least get the binding pieces sewn together…..  Look what I discovered.


THE FABRIC DOES NOT MATCH!!!   UGH.  I swear this quilt is biggest trial.
I had to paper piece.
I had an issue with the mitered corner borders.
I put the sewing machine needle through my finger sewing the blocks together.
I broke the needle threader on my machine making the quilt.
I had a HUGE shredding thread problem when I tried to quilt it.
…now this.

The good news.  I  know where I purchase the fabric…now hopefully then have more.

6 thoughts on “Binding Woes…”

  1. oh Jo

    sorry that the Crabapple quilt is giving you so much trouble

    wish we were closer and I could finish it off for you (((hug)))

  2. I feel for you having had similar problems with a project. What can go wrong just seemed to continue. Hopefully you can find the match you need. If not maybe most of it the one that does match (on the right it seems) and the rest of the binding scraps to match what was used in the main pattern. Sandi

  3. Could you piece the binding? 12″ on one, 12″ of the other? The lighter fabric looks like the inner border; it may work.

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