Bigger and Better…Yes!

About seven years ago, hubby and I visited the Amish in our area and had a carpenter custom build an entertainment center for us.  I LOVED it! 
BUT…fast forward to flat screen televisions that are MUCH wider, digital television, and the need for large screens, our entertainment center had lost it’s appeal.
The television used to sit in the middle area, filling up much of it but our new television just didn’t fit.  Someone asked, why didn’t you purchase a television to fit in the hole?  Well, we would have had a sardine can sized television. 

In despiration, we put the television on top….talk about ugly and neck aches after watching a movie….
So I, yes I, came up with the suggestion of removing the top, lowering the shelf, cutting off two feet and setting the television on top….guess what?!  It worked!
We took it to a local craftsman and he did the work….all for $88.  That sure beats the cost of a new entertainment center!  I love REAL wood furniture.  It lasts, and it allows a person to remake or restore.  You don’t get that from particle board furniture.

Now that I saved a little money there…you know what that translates into….MORE FABRIC!

2 thoughts on “Bigger and Better…Yes!”

  1. you are soo funny–but do you need someone to help you go spend your savings on fabric????? Love how you “saved” the piece of furniture–great idea!!!
    Hugs, Di

  2. That really turned out great!! Does it make the living room seem bigger now that the entertainment center is smaller and TV streamlined?

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