Big News at the Kramer House!

Today’s the day our son Buck asked his girlfriend Jen to be his wife…

She said, “YES”!

No date yet …but likely next year.  We are all happy and anxious for not one but TWO weddings in the next year!  Busy, BUSY..but Hubby and I knew when we had five kids in eight years, somethings were bound to overlap.

Congrats Buck and Jen…We love you both!!

10 thoughts on “Big News at the Kramer House!”

  1. Congratulations to them both! Adorable photo! PS I started on Hawaii Sunset 1845 today…thanks for motivating me! I think I have Amy of Amy’s Passions convinced she should join in too :)

  2. OH they look so young! it will be a beautiful wedding, and yes I guess there will be some over lap, at least you aren’t haveing 4 children get married at the same time! (saw that on TV) 5 separate ceremonies, all at the same time/church, and one huge reception…..

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