Beware of Seller

I was looking through some of my picture reminiscing about some of the things we did over the summer.  I had to laugh when I saw this picture.


The quilt was quite nice despite the stains where the dark fabric had run.  As soon as I walked over to look at the quilt the owner of the booth came right over to talk to me.  He was quite annoying.

I was looking for a price tag.  I wasn’t going to purchase it.  I was just going to see how much a stained quilt would sell for.  Imagine my shock when the owner said it’s $225.  I said, “oh”.  Nothing more just, “oh”.

The dealer went on to tell me that the quilt was from the Civil War era.  I said the work is lovely but the stains concerned me some…(I really had no intention of purchasing it.  The guy just wouldn’t let me leave the booth)  He continues saying that this is the last quilt from the collection of the lady who made them.  He knew the lady and he had been selling them for the nice old lady who made them….  (WHAT!?!?!?)  Okay…follow me here.  This quilt is from the “Civil War” era…and he’s selling them for the lady who made them?!?!?!  Ok, even if the lady made the quilt when she was 10 in 1865, that would make the lady….um, 156 years old today.  I said, “REALLY?!?!?”  He cleared his throat and scrambled around for words then he said oh well she’s dead of course now, but he knew her.  The guy was in his young 30’s….and from my thinking, he needs to go back to school to learn some simple math or better yet, simply tell the truth…the WHOLE truth.

The guy wouldn’t quit.  He then told me that the stains in the quilt would not effect the value of the quilt at all.  The stains just proved the age of the quilt….Well for some people, that may be true….but for me, if I am paying $225 for a quilt, I’d prefer not to have stained quilt.  There are lots of antique quilts out there that can be bought for $225 that don’t have stains….

At this point…I just smiled an nodded.  Sometime that’s all you can do…just smile and nod.  Remember when purchasing a quilt…beware of the seller and be ready to smile and nod.

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  1. Actually that’s my technique with lots of annoying people who think they know all there is to know…smile…nod…ignore. Just makes life easier. For me at least, don’t know about them :)

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