Between Charming Friends…..

Here is my finished quilt top from Between Charming Friends quilt along.


The pattern suggested that it was jelly roll friendly…but it wasn’t very friendly with my jelly roll.  My jelly roll was from Collections for a Cause Alliance.  There were not enough strips to make the blocks.  I need fabric for the borders so I hunted around the internet and found some of the fabric line and it was on clearance.  I’m thinking…just what I need and on sale….WOW!  I even bought backing fabric that was 108″ wide for $6 a yard.  I bought extra of the border and binding fabric to make the blocks that I was short for…..well….the mailman came and there was no binding fabric in the package.  Apparently the company I ordered from was sold out.  UGH!

I dug through my fabric stash and found enough to finish the blocks.  Now I was on to my border problem.  I took my pieced top to the local quilt shop and ended up finding the dark brown fabric.  It was from the Pink and Chocolate 2 line.  I ended up purchasing a different inner border fabric too.  I just couldn’t make any fabric there go with the fabric I had purchased on line.

All in all it has turned out pretty good so far.  I think this quilt will be donated to our high school Music Booster benefit in the fall….It can be added to my growing stack of flimsies.

6 thoughts on “Between Charming Friends…..”

  1. Oh, I hate when that happens!! And, it has happened to me a couple of times in the last month – and I don’t know until my order is received and then I have to go find the missing fabric somewhere else and pay for more shipping! Aaargh! I guess I should be grateful we even have all of the options we do to find fabric. The quilt looks fabulous though, you did a great job of filling in!

  2. Your quilt is fabulous – I’m sorry I missed it earlier. I hope you enjoyed my pattern. I’m sorry you struggled with the jelly roll – maybe my pattern is not correct. HMMMM Love the brown border.

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