Better with Bacon

Okay, I’m gonna tell you a Kramer family secret..pretty much everything in this house is made with bacon…well not really but if we can add it to anything, we usually do.  I know.  It’s a sad state of things and yes I know bacon is not on the list of healthy foods but hey, we’re supporting our neighborhood pork producers.  We use bacon with the cabbage dish I make, as a pizza topping with BBQ chicken pizza, with baked beans and I even cut it up and put it with the hamburger when I make hamburgers.

As our kids have moved out into the world they’ve started out with buying regular bacon  for these dishes.  But gradually, one by one, they have all come home and said, “Now I know why you buy bacon ends and pieces!”

If you’ve never tried bacon ends and pieces rather than straight up bacon, you might want to give it a second look especially now that bacon prices are at an all time high.  We buy ours in a 5 pound box and it’s about $11.  Compared to a one pound pack of bacon for $4-$5, that’s a deal…at least in my world.


We keep the box in the freezer.  Rather than having strips of bacon with our eggs, I pull out the frozen bacon ends then cut them up with my kitchen scissors and fry them.  Then I drain off most of the grease and throw scrambled eggs in and cook the eggs right with the bacon.  That way we can still have the bacon taste without the big expense.


The bacon in the box is called ends and pieces because that’s what you get.  Sometime the pieces are thicker or thinner than regular bacon.  The strips in the box aren’t uniform size either but that doesn’t matter to us because we always just chop it up and fry it anyway.  It’s quick to add to soups or salads too plus we always have it on hand as it’s in the freezer.

Bacon ends and pieces are one of our favorite ways to eat tasty without a big cost…I’d love to hear some of the things that you do to save on your grocery budget.

7 thoughts on “Better with Bacon”

  1. I make it in scrambled eggs too, and we call it beggs!

    I so appreciate your blog. I was in Iowa, Kalona, a couple of weeks ago, and thought about looking you up!

    Jo Anna

  2. Mmmmmmm……love bacon! Unfortunately, hubby had a quadruple bypass 3 weeks ago, and it is not on our menu anymore. Nothing tastes better than bacon!!!

  3. When my late husband was alive we used to buy the ends all the time. Now that he’s gone I don’t buy bacon very often and haven’t really looked to see if ends are still offered here in the Los Angeles area. Will have to check it out next time I go marketing. =)

  4. We love bacon, too! But we have never seen ends available here in New England. The best deal has been to buy the big Plumrose brand three pack which is three one-pound packages for about $12. Funny, the market sells deli ends and cheese ends all of which we do buy to save, but they do not offer the bacon ends.

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