Betsy the Barker

Kalissa’s beagle Betsy is almost two years old.  I’ve hoped and hoped that she would loose her bark….yep, she is a barker.

I often have Betsy here during the day as Kalissa works overnights and Betsy won’t let Kalissa sleep if she stays there so I’m the doggie daycare provider.  Her barking is very irritating to me.  She barks if a truck goes by.  She barks at the mailman, someone walking, the UPS man, a lawn mower driving by, other dogs…pretty much everything.  Then she starts barking so Ruby joins in thinking it’s a free pass.

I’ve tried discipline.  I’ve tried kenneling her.  I’ve tried all of the things I’ve done with Ruby…still Betsy barks.  Worst of all, she doesn’t care if it’s nap time or parent pick up time.  She just barks.

Then a month or so ago Kalissa took the dogs to the vet and asked the vet about stopping the barking.  The vet made a recommendation and boy oh boy has it made a difference.

Our vet recommended a collar that sprays when the dog barks.  It’s a citronella smell and apparently the dogs don’t like it and people aren’t bothered by it. Here’s the product NO BARK Collar Citronella Spray Anti-Bark collar for Dogs Kit – Safe, Effective, and Humane Dog Barking Control collar.

It has worked like a charm.  Betsy is a completely different dog here now.  I used to get so frustrated on the weekend when she was here.  I would be upstairs sewing and Betsy would be barking.  There was nothing I could do about it.  She’d start barking and that would get Ruby barking…I hated it.  Now, no problem.  It’s quiet.

The reviews on Amazon are good to.  Lots of people seem to use it for dogs who bark it the owners leave.

I know some of you might be struggling with the same problem so I thought I would share something that is working for us.  $28 was well worth the peace and quiet.

7 thoughts on “Betsy the Barker”

  1. What a coincidence! I’ve got a no-bark collar coming by UPS today for one of our dogs. He’s a night-time barker.

  2. Jo you’re a life saver!!! My dog has never been a big barker but when we moved into our house from an apt 3 yrs ago he started barking a lot more. Now I have a newborn and the barking wakes baby up and I want to strangle my dog! You’ve just saved my dogs life lol :)

  3. That collar was huge for my parents when they moved from the country to a more populated area. Their Jack Russell Terrier Buddy barked at everything since it was all different for him. They got complaints from an anonymous neighbor about the barking when they left the house. They bought the collar and started putting it on when they left and no more problems. It was a life saver for them since they were worried sick about bothering the new neighbors. I’m glad it is working for you and Betsy!

  4. Upon your expertise advice on this collar I have ordered 2 for 3 of my Boxer’s whom I swear bark if they hear a bug pass gas! Hoping this works but then again hoping that when I take it off when I leave home they will still bark to keep growlers away.

  5. We had a Barker as well. Buster was a beagle German shepherd mix. We got the correction collar from Invisible Fence. We camp a LOT and I think it is rude to others camperss to have to listen to my dog. After about 6 months all we had to do was set the collar on the ground next to him if he started acting up and he would settle. Oh he was such a sweet and stupid dog! I love that big nut!!!

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