Betsy Grows Up

One of the features that I like on Facebook is the Time Hop.  For those of you who don’t have it let me explain.

Facebook will go back and show what was posted on “this day in history” by you on Facebook.  The other day, this video came up.  I forgot all about it.  Watch and take a look….Ruby is gently playing with a new baby Betsy.

It was so cute watching the video again.Betsy was such a cute pup.


Now she’s all grown up.  Thankfully Ruby and Betsy are still good friends.  Ruby is not gentle with her at all anymore.  The two of them love rough housing.


They will run and chase each other so hard that the rugs slide and get all out of place….They started as buddies and have stayed as buddies.

1 thought on “Betsy Grows Up”

  1. That was very cute. It’s funny how we forget how tiny they used to be.
    I keep Helgas picture as my screen saver on my phone and it steals my heart every time I see it and she’s 5 now.

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