Beth’s Quilts…

I got an email message from Beth C back in August.  I’ll be honest, I don’t check Facebook messages as much as I should.  Often my email is so full and I get the warning to empty it that all of my time at the computer with correspondence is sent there.

I finally saw the note earlier this week.  It included some great pictures of quilts she had made.  Does is look familiar?  It’s a pattern Kelli and I put together.  You can find the free pattern here on the blog.


It has long been one of my favorite patterns.  I love simple and easy piecing.  It’s great in Christmas colors too.

Beth liked the pattern and decided to change it up making it in a new color scheme….I think it looks great, don’t you?It’s more of a sunflower pattern with the stars having brown centers and yellow points.  It does look like sunflowers and perfect for a summer wall hanging out on a porch.


I knew some of you might find it inspiring so I ask Beth if I could share her pictures….graciously she said yes.

It was fun chatting with her…like me, she’s a new grandma too.

I know those new grand babies of ours are going to squeeze their way into our sewing time, but I think we’re both okay with that.

Thanks for sharing your photos and work with us Beth…they both look great!

6 thoughts on “Beth’s Quilts…”

  1. Jo and Kelli, I love this pattern! I always love the colors in Christmas quilts, but the yellow and brown Sunflowers are really nice too! Beth very nice job! One for winter and one for summer!

    Hooray, for grandbabies! Can’t wait for more stories about the little guy.

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