Best Zucchini Bars

I was paging through one of my Amish recipe books and came across this recipe.  I know it sounds weird but I love looking for new recipes and I love trying something that sounds a little bit different.

For me, this recipe seemed different as it had shredded carrots and oatmeal in it.  Any other zucchini recipe usually doesn’t have that so I thought I would give these a try.

I didn’t have a small carrot but had some baby carrots.  Oh my.  I almost shaved my thumb trying to shred the baby carrots.  Lesson learned there!!

Doesn’t the batter look good?  I love the different colors of it.

So what did we think of them?
This photo was taken about two hours after I made them.  I’d say it’s an indication that the family liked them!!

I was taking care of Georgia when I made them and sent a container with some in with Kelli when I met her with Georgia.  Kelli thought the bars were so good that she messaged me at 10:30pm to tell me how much she liked them.  HA!!  I guess that makes this recipe a keeper.  I love finding “keeper” recipes.

6 thoughts on “Best Zucchini Bars”

  1. I plan to try it although might need to wait a year since my zucchini supply has ended. I was given a bunch of short nubbby carrots so I made a carrot cake today. I decided for these carrots I had to use food processor and not put any finger in the cake. I had so many carrots I also made a carrot raisin salad. Will this recipe be posted in the “recipe” category?

  2. I love anything zucchini. I sometimes buy it at Aldi’s. I like to spread Olive Oil on it and grill it then add a sprinkle of grated Parmesan cheese after I grill both sides. Also like to make zucchini bread add orange zest, and craisins.

  3. I have had this very recipe for years! It’s always a much anticipated event when we get that first zucchini that’s big enough to make these!! They are delicious and addicting!!

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