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My mail has been such a source of joy for me lately.  I’ve gotten all of the wonderful birthday cards and blocks.  I’ve gotten charity quilt tops.  I’ve gotten fabric.  I’ve gotten truffles.  I even have special birthday pillow cases.  All of those things are because of you and I can’t thank you enough.

Something else came in the mail that was a source of a smile too…this….


It likely just looks like a catalog to you but to Kelli and I, it’s a great pat on the back!

This is a C&T Publishing catalog that gets sent out to quilt shops featuring their books that are in print.  I grabbed it and quickly started paging through to see this….Bestsellers…WOW!!  What an honor to have our book sandwiched in between Bonnie Hunter’s books.


I smiled and thought that was the end of in but no…it’s featured here…..


again with a little best seller star!!

I was sure that had to be the end of it but LOOK!!  There is our quilt and a reference to our book.


It’s been a long journey over the last year from finding out the Kansas City Star was closing and thinking our book was dead on arrival  to finding out C&T bought them out to finding out that we are listed as bestsellers…what a whirl wind of emotions.  I’m just thankful that for now, that whirlwind is on a high note!!

Thank you, thank you to all of you who have purchased our book.  Without you, the little tag “bestseller” would never have been attached to our book.  If you don’t have your copy, we do have some autographed copies in our store.  You can find them here.


6 thoughts on “Best Seller!!”

  1. You and Kelli deserve the honors. As for the cards and items sent to you, it’s little compared to all the you share with your readers. Thank you for all that you share with
    your readers and your community.

  2. Woohoo ladies…. most deserved praise and success indeed. I love your book but am yet to make a quilt from it…but I will!!! You two are the best…much love and Merry Christmas to you all xx from Australia

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