Best Plans….foiled!

Sometimes I think it is best to not make plans….at least ones that you really have your heart set on.


For the last two weeks, I have been trying to sew backings together and finish quilt tops with one plan in mind….Labor Day weekend I would attach myself to my quilting machine and quilt until I wilted.  Well…it wasn’t me that wilted first.  It was my quilting machine.  Every time a went backwards, it would skip an inch worth of stitches….UGH!  I took it in yesterday with hopes they could fix it on the spot.  NOPE….I even begged and whined a little….NOPE…it didn’t even phase them.  (I am guessing the gals that came in before me also begged and whined and they have become immune to it.)

So…it looks like my Labor Day weekend is going to involve the most dreaded thing….CLEANING!  Ugh.  Enjoy your weekend..I’ll be painting and cleaning.

P.S.  My Accuquilt Go! Cutter giveaway is still Go!ing one….Oh….something else that won’t get finished, the AWESOME project I was working on with the circles.

7 thoughts on “Best Plans….foiled!”

  1. It’s a bugger when you are made to go with the flow…I’m sure when you do get your machine back you will quilt guilt free as your place will be lovely and fresh and clean….always look on the bright side, you have a house to clean! Not sure if any of that has helped?

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