Best Package EVER!!

I had a busy day on Friday trying to cram many things into one day.  I was gone for most of the day but once I got home, I pulled up to the mailbox and there was a package.

I didn’t know that I ordered anything that would be in this shaped package.  Hmm.  I checked out the address and the sender and sendee address both were my address.  I know what that means, a blogger sent something to me anonymously.

There was a tiny tear in the package and it looked like fabric inside.  In fact, it looked like fabric scraps.  As much as I wanted to rip the package open, I didn’t.  I ate some supper and went through my mandatory 15 emails. Then decided to just give up for the day.  Too much running for too many days had done me and my brain in and I wasn’t up for computer work.

So I grabbed that package and headed to the coffee table in the living room.  I decided I would sort the bag while I watched floss tube.

Here are the goodies…
Some of you, you might not think this is a gift.  For me, I was squealing!!

I sorted, and sorted, and sorted.  Here is what I came up with…

I had a few totes so used them to help.

I had the entire couch covered…

There were even some piled on the floor.

My goal was to put like things with like things and see what was useable.

Here is what I ended up saving and plan to use at some point.  These are pieces sewn together.  Most are from fabrics that I also have.  I think making a quilt entirely of these small squares would be a fun simple baby quilt.

The person who donated these truly was a gal that quilts like me.  She started a super scrappy quilt.  These were started.  They are all 2 1/2″ based.  There are half-square triangles, Twosies, and four patches.  The maker started sewing them in strips.  Oh, my word…this is the kind of quilt I love.  I think I’ll be making this into a giant quilt!!  I pulled everything that was that size and have that all in a tote.

I pulled these…I think the red ones might end up being new hot pad holders for my kitchen.  YAHOO!!
These were cute.  I might pull a few more squares and make a simple baby quilt.  So cute.

There were MANY of these hourglass blocks.  I was thrilled.  I’ve been wanting to make a few small quilts more for decor around here.  These would be perfect.

I gathered up these orphan blocks and put them in my orphan block pile.  I love using them in the back of quilts to make backings bigger.

Here was the start of a baby quilt.  I have some similar scraps…not the same but many of similar colors.  I’ll be needing a baby quilt soon so I might toss some of my fabric with this and make more blocks.  I don’t have the same chicken wire fabric but I could make some scrappy ones and I think they’d all blend.

There was a big pile of reproduction fabric triangles. I saved all of them.  I’ll be putting them in another bag I already have of them.  These will likely be used in a paper piecing project.

There was a pile of these smaller hourglass blocks all in red.  I just loved these.  You know I’m a red fan.  I would love to somehow put something together as a table runner using these.  I have Christmas-themed table runners but nothing for any other time of the year.  I wonder if I could these together as something for 4th of July.  Hmm…

Be still my heart.  I’m just thrilled with these little guys.

You won’t notice from the picture but these are teeny tiny.  Check it out in my hand.  TINY!!  So very cute.

Remember me saying I’d really like some more little table runners around the house?  Wouldn’t these be perfect for a Halloween table runner?  Squeal!!!!!!  I think I’d have to make a few more but I don’t mind a bit.  I love the inspiration…cute, cute, cute.

Here is a row of a quilt already finished.

I can’t help but wonder if it is this cover quilt from Miss Rosie’s Spice of Life Quilts.  You can find the book HERE. I have this book and have always eyed that quilt as one I’d love to make.  I am going to pull the book and check it out to see if it is that pattern.  If it is, I might continue on making the quilt.  I could donate that to the Fireman’s Breakfast.  WHOOT!  WHOOT!  Fingers crossed I can figure out the pattern and complete it.

There was this wonderful project.  Again, I’d like some small more decorative quilts around.  This is awesome.  I love the alternate red.  Sadly, I don’t have this exact red, and finding it I’m sure is more than a task I want to tackle.  I’m thinking I could take these apart, use the red fabric that is here and throw random reds in with it.  It would be scrappy and I know I’d love it.

I adore this red…so pretty!!  The bow ties are totally awesome too!!

There is a big bag of these scrappy hourglass blocks.  I think there were only 2 1/2″ finished.  There are lots of them too.

I played a little bit setting them out with some other prints wondering how I could set them all.  Hmm.  I’m not sure.  All I know is I love them too!

There were a few things I passed on to the Cresco Ladies…I’m sure they will enjoy the goodies too.

I know I’m an odd duck, but this bag totally made my day.  I loved the sorting and organizing.  I loved dreaming about what these all could be.  I loved seeing the potential.  I loved the creativity all of this sparked in my brain.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.  This is definitely one of the best gifts I’ve received all year.

It was later in the evening by the time I got everything sorted.  All I wanted to do was run to the sewing room and dive in.  I didn’t but when I walked in there this morning, I was all smiles.  I can’t wait to dig and make something.

MANY-MANY thanks to the sweet blog readers who sent this package.  You truly made my day.

15 thoughts on “Best Package EVER!!”

  1. Sounds like you miss all those packages we used to send you with bits and bobs. I have more if you are interested. I do support the people on your list esp. Ray, Jazz and Decorah ladies but I would love to send you more!!

  2. Oh, what a wonderful gift. I can imagine myself picturing in my head all I would do with them. I do that a lot. It is so much fun. I especially love those black tiny blocks. They just really strike me as outstanding. Thanks for letting us see all your treasures!

  3. I know when I have taken material to our church for the quilt ladies it is like Christmas to them. I love to sit back and watch their excitement.

  4. Oh, those bowtie blocks set with scrappy red blocks would be awesome! I can’t wait to see what you do with your “new” treasures!

  5. Julie Hutcherson

    I really enjoyed watching the fun you had with your package!

    The blocks you think are miss rosie, which you like for your fireman’s benefit? Could it be a disappearing HST?

  6. What a treasure!! I’m with the Decorah quilters #19. that Holly has been so generous with. You Jo, Holly and several of your followers have been so generous with us. It is very exciting to receive your donations. It’s like Christmas when we open your shipments. You all are a blessing to many. I understand how excited you get.

    1. Ms Darling (I love your name) thank you for the kind words. I enjoy knowing my items will be used and the acknowledgement they arrived. I have sent many items off to people who I never heard from again including tops. I can only hope they used them for good. Sometimes we bite off more than we can chew and I understand and a simple explanation is suffice. I do want to mention the sheets you received came from our St Vincent DePaul food pantry yard sale to raise more funds to keep feeding people. We are a small town but never turn anyone away no matter their location. We feed several hundred families from anywhere monthly. The sheets were a double blessing. The guys raffled a quilt I made last year and raised money. They sold in the northx of the church and I believe a raffle ticket was the price of admission to Mass that day. HA HA. Thanks again

  7. Judith M Fairchild

    I’m sitting here grinning having read this blog. You have finished great day for me. Every single bit of that package just got better I’m rejoicing with you for the planned baby quilts and all the other quilts that you are planning. Knowing you will share at least pictures of some of them. I have gotten several scrappy packages. They are such fun.

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