Best Package EVER #2!!

Do you remember a bit ago I wrote a blog post about “the best package ever”?  Well fast forward a few days…package #2 came.  I don’t know for positive because the packages came anonymously, but I think the same blog reader sent them.

They were addressed the same… both have projects and leftovers that are similar.  Everything about this package reminded me of the other package.  Whoever it is that sent them, please know, that I really appreciate it so much and you’ve sparked a renewed a new excitement in me and I love it!!

Here are the goodies all laid out on the table.

Check out this UFO.  Does anyone know what the pattern might be?  I don’t know if I’d finish it exactly like the original but I might.  I’m super curious to know.

I’ve always wanted to make a house quilt.  This might be as close as I get.  HA!

There were a few scraps in the mix.  I have a project perfect for these.

There were some nine-patch blocks.  I have a stack of nine patches upstairs in my orphan pile.  I’m hoping these might be the same size.  We’ll see.  So fun.  I love nine patches.

There were…some miscellaneous half-square triangles.

I told you in Monday’s post that there were some square in a square blocks with the label “S’mores”.

As I told you on Monday I looked it up and found this…It’s a Jo Morton pattern called S’mores.  HERE is a link to the pattern.

In the process of looking around for the pattern, I discovered there was a ruler to make the block easier and more precise.

I ended up going on Amazon and ordering the Square in a Square Ruler.  It looks like this…

They have a ruler that makes blocks that are 4″ and 8″.  They have another that has 3″ and 6″.  I got the 4″ and 8″.  You can find it HERE.

I plan to pick this project up and finish it at some point.  Join me if you want!!

There were these four pieces that I tristed and turned into this star design.  I am curious wondering if they are possibly corners to the outer border of a quilt or if they are intended to be sewn together like this.

Getting packages like this always have me curious.

Check this project out.  It was in the package.  Oh my, BEAUTIFUL!!

There is sashing there to sew it all together…again, does anyone know if this is a pattern.  I’m so curious because there were also the pieced borders you see in the picture below.  They have me wondering if they go to this quilt.

There was a stack of bow tie blocks, some sewn together, with a notation on them.

I believe it’s the measurements to cut out more blocks.

There was a stack of half-square triangles sewn together in blocks.  How fun!  There were extra half-square triangles that needed to be sewn together too.

I’m hoping some of the half-square triangles I have laying around are the same size.  I think I am going to set this by my machine and work on this when I don’t have something else immediate that I’m working on.  I have no idea how I’ll set the blocks or what I’ll do with them.  I do know that I have a couple of events in the next eight months or so that need a donation quilt so this will likely work for one of them.  We’ll see how much time I get as I really have a stack of family quilts that need to get done too.

I’m so incredibly thrilled to have gotten this package.  I appreciate all the mail that comes my way.  Most of it I pass on and share.  This package, I’ve hung on to most of it as it is all my style.  I don’t sew with them often but reproduction fabrics are my favorite.  As I said, it’s really sparked some life into my quilting and I’m so thankful for that.  Whoever you are that sent this my way…THANKS SO MUCH!!

If anyone can help with some info on what pattern a couple of those UFOs might be, please leave a comment in the comment section and help me out.

35 thoughts on “Best Package EVER #2!!”

  1. I can see why the contents of this box thrilled you. It would have me too. So many good starts or blocks. How fun it will be for you to make quilts from all of these. Enjoy!

  2. You are a good detective to find patterns to finish the UFO’s you received. That house quilt in particular is lovely. A lot of work went into it. Have fun with your new quilt beginnings.

  3. Lynn in Waverly

    Wow. I sure wish my mail was as good as yours. All I ever seem to get is junk or bills. Those are my type of fabrics too. A s’mores quilt would be a fun sew-a-long. I have those rulers and have made a practice block and it really worked to make perfect blocks. I did make a quilt with all half square triangles from the book Beyond the Battlefield called Twilight Visions. The book is by Mary Etherington and Connie Tesene, the girls from Country Threads. Ive made a couple quilts from this book and really want to make more. They are all speak to me. Just not enough time in the day. I’m still working full time but really hope to retire in a year. I enjoy your blog and all your adventures.

  4. Wow what a fun package! Looks like you hit the jackpot there.

    I love reproduction fabrics but have yet to make a quilt with them.

    Cant wait to see you work your magic on these.

  5. Cynthia in Nebraska

    Oh, I would love to get this package, too! (Except I’m not nearly as productive as you are…so I would enjoy looking at them for a long time!)

  6. These blocks are so beautiful and I just have to wonder why anyone would part with them. So much work went into those beautiful house blocks as well as the other blocks. I can imagine how excited you were to get them, Christmas in June!

  7. You did notice the oops in the friendship star blocks? bottem left of the 4 blocks sewn together. Would you fix this or leave as is?

  8. Please tell your excellent anonymous friend that my name is Jean ——-/—-, and I live at 1–8-2 ————/—- Street in Muskegon MI, and I’d be thrilled to accept her next surprise box. Just kidding, of course! Lucky you!

    1. Hey Jean! I grew up in Lakeside! I still get a kick out of learning a fellow Michigander reads the same blog. Of course I’m really easily amused haha. Blessings

    2. Jean, I was just thrilled with the package of goodies. I’m sure it’s going to take me a lot of time to work through it all. Seriously, I love every piece.

  9. JACKPOT! Merry Christmas! Fireworks! What a terrific box with great project and ideas! I love them all! I really l8ke the four blocks that make a star. Could you give the cut sizes for that block, please? Bless the lady who sent you all those wonderful things!

  10. Shelley Freeman

    i think the house pattern is Patchwork Cottage by The Rabbit Factory. I’ve been trying to find a copy for a long time. The sashing has beautiful vine and flower motif.

  11. I found the name for the “house” quilt blocks. It is called Patchwork Cottage, by the Rabbit Factory. I couldn’t find a place to purchase the actual pattern. It has a lovely flower vine sashing. I look forward to seeing what you end up doing with these donated blocks!

  12. Jill Schaumloeffel

    I agree, too. A S’mores quilt along would be fun. Really interested in info about the big block sampler quilt. That is right up my alley. So many great projects!

  13. F anyone knows the name of the pattern with the twelve big blocks that had the sashing and border pieces enclosed, I would love to know what it is. I so want to make that pattern and have never seen it before. Thanks

  14. The quilt that has sets of different blocks with sashing fabric may be a Yellowcreek Design pattern. I don’t know the name of it.

  15. The quilt with the sets of blocks sewn together is by Yellow Creek Quilt Designs. You should be able to find it on her website. She recently did it as a sew-along on Facebook. What a great surprise box!

  16. The pattern is called brothers and sisters. It is in a book called kindred spirits by hill Shaun is and Vicki Olsen. Those pieces are part of the border looking at the picture

  17. I hope you will do a video using the template I am a very visual learner and would be quite interested in how it works before ordering.

  18. This was a great box! Love the houses! Love the 4 blocks that became a star! And love those 12 blocks! I can’t wait to hear what you discover about these special items.

  19. What a wonderful surprise box you received. You can see by the he comments that we are just as excited about it as you are. It sparks so many ideas on upcoming quilts. I just love how all your readers jump in to solve the quilt pattern mysteries! How fun. Can’t wait to see what you do with your goodies. Thanks to whoever gifted it to you for the inspiration.

  20. I love house blocks. I do hope you keep the house blocks together. Maybe add a sashing but not much more. Happy Quilting.

  21. Jo, love your Box #2. The ideas were very exciting to see and motivated me. But I prefer to make my s’mores by FPP. I have many blocks of all sizes made, but no real plan of how to put them all together to make a quilt. I will keep this post so I can refer back to the many ideas. Also loved the houses! Thank you for posting. Nancy

  22. Dorothy Countryman

    Would love for you to do a Youtube video making the square in a square block with the ruler. Looking forward to a SAL!

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