Best of Show and Giveaway Winner

Today I thought I would show you my favorites from the antique show….

This quilt wins for my favorite colors…I love all things red, white and blue.  This one felt amazing too.  It had the perfect amount of worn softness but still in amazing shape.  I’m a log cabin lover too so it was a win, win, win.


One booth was loaded with quilts that I loved.  They were reasonably priced too.  Here’s another red, white and blue quilt.  Anyone know the pattern name…oh so amazing piecing.


Even more amazing piecing….WOW…again I’d love to know a pattern name.


Typically basket quilts don’t call to me, but this one sure did.


Here’s another quilt that I don’t know the name of but loved just the same.  This quilt is really making me want to do a solid colored quilt.  If you haven’t noticed….I LOVE red…always have…always will.


There were two matching single bed sized quilt tops of this pattern.  The dealer only wanted $100 for the pair.  What a deal!


The same lady made this quilt….this one was finished…$100.  Another amazing deal.


I know that there is an Ocean Waves quilt in my future.  I loved this one.


I loved the next quilt too.  The colors are my favorite…It would be really easy to replicate…notice the red again…


This quilt almost had me thinking I should start collecting ties and make a quilt with silk.  Then reality hit…I would hate the process!


I REALLY want to make this next quilt.  If anyone knows of a pattern out there for it, PLEASE let me know…It’s the Three Little Kittens.  I don’t know if it was a panel that was embroidered and then the kitten appliqued on but that’s my guess.  The owner of the booth thought it was from the 30’s or 40’s.  Someday I think I might have a grandchild and I would love to make this quilt even though there is applique.


I love nursery rhymes and it would be so cute for a boy or girl.

…and my favorite quilt of the day….this Job’s Troubles.  It was just a top…


After spending the weekend surrounded by all the quilts I couldn’t help but question myself a bit.  I love all these quilts with set in seams, applique and complicated designs.  Why to I never try them?

I often say that “modern” quilting isn’t my favorite.  I have thought that the patterns are pretty basic and the colors a bit bright…yet look at many of the quilts I liked.  The colors are bright.  I always thought Civil War Reproductions were it for me….maybe I need to expand my horizons and try a bit of everything.

Just to prove my point….I loved this four patch.


Almost every era and every style of quilts made it into my favorites….

Now for all of you who were patient enough to hang out to the end of this post to find out who the winner of the Rob Peter to Pay Paul die..the winner is….Deborah in Atlanta who said, “No ma’am, I’ve never ever made a curved seam quilt. It looks too intimidating, but with this die, I could give it a try. At least that would help with the time-consuming part. Not to mention the accuracy. Can’t wait to see your article in accuQuilt newsletter. Ain’t you gettin’ too big for your fancy pants? Eeekkk! This is so exciting!”

Don’t forget to get signed up for the AccuQuilt’s newsletter to read my article on the Rob Peter to Pay Paul die.  You get the free patterns too….Just click on the link below.

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11 thoughts on “Best of Show and Giveaway Winner”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the photo’s of all those lovely antique quilts, so beautiful .I was lucky enough to buy one a couple of weeks ago. It comes from America, made in the 1930’s,sadly no label :-( Here in New Zealand it is rare to see antique quilts.
    It sure is nice to wonder who made them, who were they and so on…..

  2. Great finds, Mom!
    I love the silk Jacob’s Ladder! You should definitely try it… or at least start collecting ties for me! :)
    I like the jagged wedding ring too. I really like solids.

  3. The first two look like Pickle Dish and New York Beauty, and I know I’ve seen the other one somewhere, but can’t think of what it’s called — something with “minnows” in the name, I think.

  4. Beautiful quilts. I love looking at vintage quilts. The red is those looked really good for there age. I want to make a red and white quilt one day. My list just keeps getting longer. Im like you, think I really love civil war prints but other things to pop out at me and say hey what about me. lol I thinks its when the quilter puts the right pattern, color and print together you cant help but like it.

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