Bella Solid Love

As you know, Kelli and I have designed with Moda fabric for awhile now.  Just recently we’ve been adding more and more solids into the mix.  Imagine my delight when in the mail I got this….


It is HUGE-8 1/2″ x 11″!   It’s filled with all the Bella Solid colors.


So often we have went to order fabric and we were so unsure of the shade we wanted.  This is going to be WONDERFUL….no more guessing from little computer color swatches.

Of course, the first section I looked at was the reds…I just love reds…Scarlet, Betty’s Red, Christmas Red, Country Red, Cherry, Tomato Soup, Brick Red, Kansas Red, Burgundy, Deep Burgundy, Barn Door and Blush….so many reds!!

I love it too as it tells which fabrics are in each of the pre-cut bundles.  After getting this little collection of color swatches, I can see that even more Bella Solids are going to work their way into our designs.

If you’re looking for a chart of your own, Fat Quarter Shop has them here.

2 thoughts on “Bella Solid Love”

  1. i jumped on the chance to order one of those Bella Solids color charts several years ago now, and i’ve never been sorry that i did. i have used it sooo often when checking colors or planning quilts. Having the sample swatches right in my hand with the appropriate ordering numbers has been a real Godsend. I can order with confidence, knowing that the exact shade of green or brown that i need to put that special zing in my quilt wil be the one that shows up in the mail.
    I really don’t know how i ever planned my fabric purchases without it!

    Lately it’s also come in handy when I discover that I’m short of yardage that i had previously pulled to make a quilt. Now all i have to do is grab my Bella Solids color chart, match up the color dots on the salvedge edge of my focus fabric, find the perfect Bella color, and away i go substituting the new Bella solids yardage in place of the missing fabric. Once again my trusty Bella Color chart has come to the rescue for me!

  2. I love Bella solids, and my local shop carries the entire line. I just wish they had the colour card available to look at as well, because I often know the name of the colour I want, but not the number (which is all that is on the bolt). Maybe I need to invest in one myself!

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