Behind Every Good Cook…

Behind every good cook is a cupboard door of recipes…or at least that’s my belief.

Growing up my mom always had recipes taped to the back of her cupboard door.  I have them too.  Most of these are staple recipes I use a lot.

Way at the top is the recipe Anne D sent me for banana muffins.  Her recipe has become “my” recipe.  You can find it here.  Everyone loves them.

My brownie recipe is in there.  I make lots of things with my brownie recipe.  I make them often.  Check out this post for that recipe.  In the evening I quite often make Cake in Cup if we had a simple supper and are still hungry.  Recipe for that here.

When I got my cupboards for this house I was a little worried…with some glass cupboard doors, I couldn’t tape recipes to the inside.  I solved that….see?I typed out my recipes small and just have them at the bottom of the door.  Monster Cookies- recipe here and Monster Cookie Bars- recipe here.

This side of the cabinet has all the breakfast recipes….  Pancakes, waffles and French Toast.

It was a pancake day here.

They are a favorite…my recipe is Betty Crocker’s recipe.  I make them often.  The childcare kiddos love them and enjoy having breakfast for lunch.

So how about you?  Do you have recipes taped to your cupboard door??

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  1. I’ve just moved from a house that I lived in for 49 years. My cupboard doors didn’t have recipes; instead, I had the capacities of various baking dishes and other cooking hints. “Yellow Oven Serve casserole = 1-1/2 quarts”. Alas, I had to move across the country with little time to pack, and abandoned all my notes. But I still have the yellow casserole, which dates to 1933, and a few other vintage Oven Serve pieces.

  2. My mom had some of her basics taped to the cupboard doors. I used to keep the proportions for rice/water and other standards on my doors but haven’t done that in years. Maybe I need to start again …

  3. Yup, my kolache recipe on one door (It’s long and detailed, even tho I know it by heart, I need to check all the ingredients). Sour dough pancakes and waffles on another door (It’s a copied page from our church cookbook :) and some laminated short recipies all piled together on a binder ring hanging on a hook inside a cupboard I don’t use too oftern. Sure beats looking for a cookbook.

  4. Yes! Me too! My potato soup recipe and my scalloped corn are there along with the above mentioned, and I too have them memorized, but its nice to know they are there.

  5. I too have recipes, dish capacities. Even a list of cell phone numbers from when cellphones first came out. I was just looking at all of them the other day thinking I should clean them off since most are yellowed and messy ,just shut the cupboard door and walked away :)

  6. Susan the Farm Quilter

    My mother’s recipe for Sweet Potato Souffle is taped on my cabinet door – I always have it for my dad (freezes well) because it is his favorite food. At 97, I’ll do just about anything to get him to eat food he loves. I usually make it once a month, filling 3 casserole containers – one for the refrigerator and 2 for the freezer.

  7. The only one taped to the cupboard door is the proportions for rice. But I did copy all my Christmas cookie recipes and holiday pie recipes into one spiral bound notebook so I didn’t have to remember which cookbook/folder/recipe box they were in.

  8. The only one taped to the cupboard door is the proportions for rice. But I did copy all my Christmas cookie recipes and holiday pie recipes into one spiral bound notebook so I didn’t have to remember which cookbook/folder/recipe box they were in.

  9. I also have all my holiday recipes copied, clipped together, and mostly in the order I make them so I can just flip them over as I go. Such a time and space saver, especially for Thanksgiving.
    My friend writes the name and date of good fortune cookie fortunes and has them on the inside of her cupboard doors. I always liked that. Just fun.

  10. I use the cupboard inside for hints like ingredients for Skunk Smell remover, what to use for cleaning Cast Iron cookware, how to remove certain orders from different things etc ect. I do need to type them all out in order to make more room for some more misc items lol

  11. Years ago when I was first married I taped recipes to the cupboards and measurements to help me manage. If we liked a dish it was put inside the cupboard and used when family visited. We have moved many times since those days and now I keep them in a favorite recipe box on a cute shelf in my kitchen. (the box was a gift from the kids when they were small with there handprints on it)

  12. I have various proportion instructions from oatmeal, potatoes, rice, cream of wheat, etc on mine. Not the neatest, but it’s a comfort to have them there.

  13. I do too!!! BBQ Sauce, Vanilla &/or Chocolate Pudding, Ham Glaze. I should put my pancake recipe up since I make it often when the granddaughters come to visit.

  14. At Mom’s the recipes were kept on the side on the refrigerator. It was right where the mixer sat and could be up off the counter and you didn’t have to leave a door open which meant you didn’t whack you head on it. We had one recipe that sat on the back of the stove all year round, even though we only made it between Thanksgiving and New Years.

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