Bee’s Wings..UGH.

Out my door and down my steps, this is what I see.  Bee’s wings.  People who aren’t from farm country and wondering what I’m talking about right??  Bee’s wings??


This is really fine like sand only it floats…almost like a popcorn shell only not hard.  This time of year as the grain dryers are all running  drying the corn, it’s the worst.  As the corn moves and dries these little reddish pieces float away from it and gather.  I hate them.

They are dirty and dusty.  Honestly, often here I’ll look outside and think it’s lightly snowing but it’s not…it’s the bee’s wings.  I don’t know if that’s the name every farmer uses for it but that’s the name Hubby uses.

When we first moved here I used to try to go sweep them up all the time.  Now I’ve learned there is no way to keep up with it.  I wait until the dryer is done for the season and then sweep them up.

The guys here are doing good and making good progress on harvesting the crop.  They still have a little over 500 acres but as they say, slow and steady wins the race.

8 thoughts on “Bee’s Wings..UGH.”

  1. Oh, but the smell of drying corn is wonderful! I loved doing my paper route in the fall because the town elevator was in constant working mode. To me it is the smell of fall!

  2. Jo Anne Schnebly

    Yep, bee’s wings. They do serve a purpose. They are used to give Pink Lemonade it’s color? Yes, my Dad was a biggy in National Corn Growers and the Corn Promotion Board. He would share all kinds of corn trivia with us. Has he really been gone 10 years. Fall was his favorite season – seeing a year’s worth of work coming out of the fields.

  3. Yup, we call them bee’s wings. It is amazing how far they fly. We have found them up in the woods a half mile or more and uphill from the dryer bin.
    It is the sign of a good crop!

  4. One year we didn’t cover our pool in the fall. We thought it wouldn’t be a big deal. It got full of bee wings and they clogged the filter. It was a nightmare so you’d think we learned our lesson, right? So far, this year, we are halfway through the corn harvest and we have not covered our pool yet. DH says he’s unloading corn with the fans turned off so it shouldn’t get in the pool. Famous last words.

  5. Wow, thank you for explaining this to me. I had no idea. Geez I’m so grateful to all the stuff that you farmers put up with to be able to put food on everybody’s table. Here in New England, we mostly grow rocks, LOL!

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