Beef Stroganoff Sandwich

Years and years ago when my kids still all lived at home I bought a Taste of Home Ground Beef Recipe Collection magazine.  I have used this more than any other recipe book I have.

At the time the guys had dairy cows at the farm.  If one of the cows had an injury that wasn’t going to heal the guys would take the cow to the locker and they would be processed into hamburger.  This happened often enough that we ALWAYS had free ground beef in our freezer as Hubby’s boss gave us all we wanted as part of Hubby’s wages.  As much as we had, we never tired of ground beef.  It’s so versatile and this magazine helped me make it seem like we weren’t constantly eating hamburger. No joking…at our house supper consisted of some type of hamburger dish at least 6 days a week.  Any other type of beef, chicken or fish was an unusual treat!

Notice it is so beaten up the cover is gone!!

A family favorite from the magazine is Beef Stroganoff Sandwich.

It’s super easy to make..and tasty too.  Back when I first started making it I often did some one day prepping meals day.  This worked great for that.  I’d prep the hamburger mix on Sunday night and then sometime later in the week I’d quick put it all together and pop it in the oven.

At the time, I could get French Bread for a $1 a loaf…add some free hamburger and ingredients to make a super cheap meal that could feed us all!

If you’re wondering what it all looks like when finished…here it is!

This is how it looks….nothing glamorous but super tasty.  This time we were having guests and I didn’t know if everyone liked peppers so one has peppers…one doesn’t.

Just for reference…the longer the bread stays in the oven the crispier it gets.  So…if you don’t like crispy, then only keep it in the oven long enough to melt the cheese.

In the upcoming month I’ll show you some more of the recipes from the magazine that have become family staples….pick up some hamburger as they are all awesome recipes and really easy.

15 thoughts on “Beef Stroganoff Sandwich”

  1. Hamburger was a staple in our home also, since we raised beef cattle and hamburger could go a long way to feed 6 kids. This recipe looks easy and tasty, thanks for the share.

  2. I have several recipes from magazines. Many have been folded and they are wearinbg thin. I am going to get them copied and then put in notebook sleeves to protect them and giving them to my kids as a gift. Can’t loose those favorites.

  3. This is like a recipe I used to make quite often just called Hamburger Stroganoff. Just put it in a casserole dish and top with refrigerated biscuits and bake till golden brown. The kids loved it.

  4. Will have to try these. My husband is on a low fiber low carb diet for six weeks and that really limits our choices! He can have ground beef.

  5. Elizabeth McDonald/catskillquilter

    That sandwich recipe looks so yummy! Thank you for including a post about it, and the picture too. We eat more chicken at our house than I can believe, but when you have alot of different recipes it doesn’t get tiring. Ground beef is another of our favorites, so many ways to cook and serve it!

    1. Elizabeth….we love the french bread so much that I’ve modified the recipe and have added chicken as well. Then I typically add a little cream cheese to it.

  6. This recipe does look good! Will be looking forward to more of the recipes from your book when you have time to post them. Walmart makes French Bread daily in different flavors for $1 to $1.14 or so a loaf, and I like the Garlic & Herb one, which i think would be delicious to use in this recipe. I cut it in slices, use what I need and then freeze the rest. Freezes well.

    1. Shirl…that Wal-Mart bread is what I use. I buy it all up when it’s on the clearance rack and freeze it just for this recipe. Last time I hit the clearance rack it was 25 cents a loaf. SCORE!

  7. Mmmm, that loooks so good, Jo…thanks for sharing the recipe. I could eat ground beef 6 nights a week too – LOL. I’ve always loved Taste of Home magazine but haven’t gotten an issue in a long while. I know I don’t have this issue so I will look forward to you sharing more of the ground beef recipes!

  8. Do you serve it open-faced or are you just showing the two different options without the top half of the bread? I also do a hamburger stroganoff over noodles but I am going to try this sandwich. Looks good.

  9. Just made the recipe for lunch–it was great! I halved the recipe and added a can of drained mushrooms to the meat mixture and chopped the green pepper.

    We bought a 1/2 loaf of Walmart French bread on the clearance rack for 34 cents. You get a better deal at your Walmart, JO. LOL

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