Beef and Potato Nacho Casserole

We have a new family favorite hot dish or casserole…whichever you want to call it.  The original recipe came from this magazine, in fact the dish is feature on the cover but I altered the recipe a bit.

If you look, you’ll see one of the things I do to help me stay a bit more organized.  I put address labels on my magazines and write the name of the recipe and the page number on the label.  That way I can find something I am looking for more easily.

My son Karl really loves this.  He was home from college and helping me cook.  He couldn’t believe how easy the recipe was…

Here’s goes:
2 lbs ground beef  and 1/2 chopped onion

Stir in:
1 pkg. taco seasoning, 2 cup salsa (original recipe says 1- 8 oz tomato sauce and 3/4 c water)
Bring this to a boil and simmer for a minute.

Put into a 9×13 pan.  Top with:
1 can green chilies
1 can black beans (original says kidney beans)
1 24 oz pkg O’Brien potatoes thawed

In a separate bowl mix:
1 can nacho cheese soup (cheddar works great too.  I’ve done both.)
1/2 c milk
1/4 c (or more in my case) of chopped green pepper
1 t (or 3 in my case) of Worcestershire sauce
1/4 t sugar

Spread it over the potatoes.  Cover and bake at 350 for 1 hour.  Uncover.  Bake 15 minutes more.  Let stand 10 minutes (we didn’t) and eat!

Update:  Someone asked about corn in the photo but no corn in the recipe…My salsa has corn in it!

I want to try to make this and not thaw the potatoes and pop it back in the freezer for a freezer meal.

It’s very forgiving.  You can make it in the morning, refrigerate it during the day and pop it in at night.

It’s been really popular here at our house.

4 thoughts on “Beef and Potato Nacho Casserole”

  1. I like your idea of putting an address label on the cover of the magazine. That is a great idea for quilt magazines as well!

  2. This recipe looks great. In the picture it looks like there is corn in it and you don’t mention corn in the recipe. Clarification, please. lol

  3. I’m thinking this’ll make the perfect college food! Passing this on to our college girl who loves to cook and always has friends over. Thanks! I’ve been a Taste Of Home subscriber for 25 years. My recipe book is filled with their recipes, but I’ve been a little disappointed in the changes they’ve made. Used to be just good, home cooked food, now they’ve gone and ‘improved’ it and I don’t like it.

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