Bedroom Improvements

Last week Hubby asked for a list of things I wanted done before he gets busy with field work.  At the top of the list I wrote “Fix Bedroom Closet”.

We had to hanging rack of shelving so my bedroom has looked like this.  Finding clothes was just awful.  To be honest, I had picked out about four outfits and just rotated them.  I didn’t dare dig through more in fear of making the whole mess worse.


Saturday he finally tackled the closet.  You might remember that originally I had a small closet.  Before it was mis-configured.  The chimney to the house took up part of the space.   We ended up taking out the chimney.   (my begging and begging allowed that to happen) and we moved the wall between the master closet and the spare bedroom closet to make the master closet bigger.

Now I can walk in.  If turn to the right I see this…

The drawer set at the bottom of the picture is the built in we took out of the house in Chester, Iowa.  Hubby did a little bit of work and made it usable in my closet.  I love it.  Above that I had him put in hooks for my scarves and belts.

Look at that…I have one shelf that has nothing on it!??!

Notice the light switch.  That’s right.  I graduated up into the world and even have a light in my closet….sometimes it the little things that make me happiest.

On the other side of the closet he put in two shelves on the bottom.  That’s for my shoes.


There are two shelves at the top for my sweaters.

I am so tickled with how things turned out.  NEVER, ever have I had enough space so that I didn’t have to pack away my winter or summer clothes.  Now they all are just out.  They all have a regular home and don’t have to share space.  WHAT A TREAT!!

I completely love my space and the bedroom now.

Next on my list…Figure out curtains for my bedroom..of course it has to be on the cheap.  Stop back…I’ll likely need a little advice on this project.



4 thoughts on “Bedroom Improvements”

  1. Jo, I have ordered drapery fabric from fabric If you choose something that is deeply discounted you can get some great bargains. Shipping is $4.99. I have been pleased with everything I’ve ordered.

  2. I made my own curtains. Hey, it is a rectangle with a hanging sleeve! They look wonderful, because I could customize it to the exact size I wanted and chose any kind of fabric I wanted.

  3. Jo,
    My daughters and I have had excellent results using drop clothes from Menards to make curtains/drapes. They run about $20 for a 9-ft. x 12-ft. cloth. I tear the fabric to the lengths we want plus hems, machine hem them and they look wonderful in our primitive and modern homes. We have added ribbon, stenciled stripes and even added fabric to enhance our decorating tastes.

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