Be the Mom

While I was gone in Florida, the thing my husband missed most was my baking.  It is no secret, I am a baker and I love doing it.  Yesterday I was frantically trying to hurry and make a couple pies in an effort to satisify my husband’s sweet tooth when Kalissa decided to suddenly get curious on about making pie crust.

Inside I was screaming, “No, go away.  I need to hurry and finish this so I can get that paper written, the garden weeded, the beans picked, the clothes hung on the line, the kitchen cleaned, the website updated….”.  But then I remembered, my most important job is to “be the mom”.  So I said, “Why don’t you roll this crust?”


I didn’t regret it one bit.  Can you tell which pie is hers and which pie is mine?


Thanks for letting me “be the mom” Kalissa…sorry I am not as patient as I really should be. 

In this rushed world…We all need to be reminded to take time to “be the mom”.

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