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Here is a sight I was happy to see.  My contractor came by last week and was scoping out my bathroom remodel.  I was thrilled. He told me he’d be back in about three weeks.  I told him if he want to come sooner as I wouldn’t have any kids at my house this week.  He said, “We’ll be there Monday!”  YAHOO!!  I was so happy.

Karl and Craig came over on Sunday and moved all the things out of the bathroom.  That meant a whole displacement of everything in the kitchen and dining room.  Not fun…but totally okay.

This was how things looked.

This is what they are doing in the bathroom…When we first moved in, we had a clawfoot tub in this room.  The childcare kiddos would come in and turn the water on all the time and it was the hot water knob that was closest that they could reach.  It wasn’t safe for them and we never used the tub so we opted to take it out.

Then Kramer got sick and we decided that we needed to put a shower in this bathroom…one that he could access easily and one that if need be, down the road, we could have helped him in.

Well, we realized we needed it at the beginning of May, started things in motion, then he died a month later.  We never got the shower in.  Being we didn’t need it then, I put the shower on the back burner.  I had other things to worry about.

Then my cancer started flaring up and I decided before I can quit childcare, one of the things I really needed to do was to get a shower put in this main floor bathroom.  I don’t anticipate using it a lot now, but I can see down the road, if I am going to live in this house as an elder person or a sick person, I need it.  So, I want to have it in place so the kids don’t have to worry about doing it.

In June, one of my childcare dads helped me get an Onyx shower ordered.  It arrived in September or October…then I got myself on our carpenter’s list.

The shower will be on the right with the fixtures on that wall they put in.  A shower caddy will be on the right wall.

My cabinet maker, childcare dad, will be making me a floor-to-ceiling cabinet that matches my vanity in the space to the left of the wall.

I’m pretty excited to see it starting to happen.

Kalissa wanted to see how it was coming along so she stopped over and what do you think she did??

She touched the WET mud on the sheetrock and made this divet in it.  AHH!

Luckily this isn’t supposed to be the final coat.  Oh my word!  Sometimes I swear she is still 3 years old!!  She’s gotta touch everything!!  Thank goodness Carver and Gannon weren’t with.  I’d hate to know how many fingerprints were in the mud!!

I wasn’t mad.  Our contractor is a friend of the family and I told her she would have to call him and tell him.  She did!  It’s all okay.

I can’t wait to show you all the shower once it’s finished…or the cabinet for that matter.  The cabinet will probably be another six months or so…and that’s totally okay.  As long as things are moving forward, even if it’s slowly, that’s okay.

I’m so glad I have some pretty good guys in my life…our contractor and workers and my childcare cabinetmaker Dad…they are making these projects doable as I don’t have a clue on how to coordinate or organize any of them.  I love having these guys in my life.

8 thoughts on “Bathroom Remodel”

  1. I love the woeful look on her face! Did she get away with a lot as a kid just by looking pitiful? That was a cute little story of real life. I’m a bit late, but I will add my condolences to the many others so wonderfully expressed. Your aunt does indeed seem like she was a peach.

  2. Love the picture of Kalissa! There’s one in every family and we love them!! It is so exciting to get this project going and soon be done. You are very fortunate to have/know so many good people around you to help get things like this done. You will be so happy when it is finished.

    1. Judith Fairchild

      I think I would leave the finger print for fun. Getting things going again is good news. Looking forward to seeing the finished bathroom.

  3. We installed an Onyx shower a year ago and we absolutely love it. It is so easy to keep clean and keep up. We also have the Onyx around the sink/vanity area. You will love it Jo.

  4. Judith Fairchild

    I think I would leave the finger print for fun. Getting things going again is good news. Looking forward to seeing the finished bathroom.

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