Bath Night for My Little Dear

All the books that I have read tell that puppies need to be exposed to lots of things while they are young.  I have been blow drying my hair, running the dishwasher and washing machine, and exposing our new puppy Ruby to farm noises too.  She is leery of the chickens but getting better every day.  She hates the train whistle that comes from a mile away.

Wednesday night was bath night.

Of all the things she has been exposed to, this was by far her least favorite.  She wasn’t horrible in fact she liked the bath and massaging, she just didn’t like the noise of the sprayer.  By the time we do this 20 more times, I am sure she’ll get used to it.

I have no idea why the camera made her eyes so blue as they are not that color..they are brown.  I played with trying to correct it and that didn’t work either…any suggestions or camera use tips to get out the “blue” eye??

7 thoughts on “Bath Night for My Little Dear”

  1. I have a tip. Start brushing her teeth and clipping her nails now. Even if you’re faking it. Our dog is 5 and has terrible teeth and won’t let me brush them, and she has an autoimmune disease that makes all of her nails fall out and in order to reduce the pain, I need to clip them but she won’t let me do that either. I wish I’d gotten her used to these things when she was a puppy.

  2. I bet her eyes are reflecting the blanket colour…? OUr little Rylie is afraid of kids….I guess I should have taken her to a playground as a puppy. Who knew?
    Little Ruby is adorable!!

  3. She’s just adorable!
    I don’t know if this also works for dogs as it does for cats, but one of the best tips I got from the cattery we bought my cat from told this tip to me and it worked reall well. She told me to massage the kitten’s feet from the time we brought her home as often as I thought of it, but for sure a few times a week. By doing this often, it would get her used to people touching her feet, especially the toenail areas and she would not fear getting her nails trimmed when she got older.
    I am still amazed at how calm my cat is when I trim her nails. She’s now about 11 yrs old and just lays there without flinching one bit while I trim her nails. SO much nicer than being clawed to death or having to take her to the vet and pay to have that done.

  4. Ruby is such a jewel! My old Beagle Sassy ended up loving to take a bath, or I should say shower! Got to the point she would press on the shower door so she could join you! She also preferred the chicken flavored toothpaste.

  5. None of my Beagles like water, whether it is the cold, muddy stuff they find in puddles and ponds, or the warm, clean stuff from the shower. As the eldest , Daisy May, also used to be a Pets As Therapy dog, she used to have to be showered before we visited the hospital or special needs childrens unit. Every Saturday it was shower, then put on her Pets As Therapy “uniform” of a yellow jacket. Then she knew she was off to work! She never did get to like the shower part though. Her son just stands in the shower looking pathetic! Beagles, – not meant to be water babies, but don’t you just love em!

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