Barbie Love

I got the mail the other day and found a great package from Melissa.

Barbie patterns spilled out as I opened the package.  Even before I read the note I was so-so happy to see the Simplicity pattern in the front.  Melissa had been weeding out her mother’s pattern and thought of me.


Growing up, I played lots and lots of Barbies.  I have a niece that is four years younger than me and I played and played and played with her.  We’re of the “Malibu” Barbie era.
Lucky for us both of our moms liked to sew…they even liked to sew Barbie clothes.  The outfit in the upper right corner of the Simplicity pattern was one of my favorite outfits that they made.  My niece Jody and I both had matching outfits.  I ran up to my bedroom and found my Barbie box wondering if I still had the outfit.


My own girls often played with my Barbies when they were kids so many of my things have been lost or broken.  I looked and looked by no dress was found.  Although Ken has seen his better days, he does have the shirt.  It appears he’s lost both legs though.


The kimono in the upper left had corner was one of the first Barbie clothes pieces I ever sewed on the sewing machine.  Foolishly I tried making it with stretchy polyester fabric.  Believe me I learned to love cotton after that experience.

The thing that made me so happy is that I didn’t own this pattern.  My sister did.  I am super excited that Melissa gifted it to me and now I own it.  I had fun looking through the other patterns.  I keep thinking someday I’ll have reason to pull this one out again and sew up some clothes.  Lucky for me, I love sewing doll clothes.

I had fun looking through the other patterns too.  I remember making an outfit of the “gypsy” costume for my girls.  Ah…nostalgia.

In the box were also two books for the kiddos.  Goodnight Gorilla is one that they already love.  In one day I read it four times.  They think it’s so funny.

Thanks so much for thinking of me Melissa.  You brought a smile to face and sweet memory to my heart….a perfect gift.


9 thoughts on “Barbie Love”

  1. I remember one year for Christmas, my aunt gave me a shoe box full of Barbie clothes. She made a beautiful wedding dress and veil and a furry black and white coat. I know the box was full, but these are the two pieces that must have been my favorites! Great memories.

  2. Making Barbie doll clothes is how my mom taught me to sew! I’m amazed how much I enjoy seeing today when that was my first experience!!!

  3. I used Barbie patterns from my childhood to make clothes for my nieces. Be careful with your size because I think newer Barbies have a thicker waistline from the dolls made in the 50’s and 60’s.

  4. Funny how you can write, “Playing Barbies,” and we’ll know exactly what you mean! My Barbie had a blonde ponytail and my sister’s had a dark ponytail. (That was circa 1961, before the “bubble cut” edition.) I was jealous of Marcie M. next door who had ALL the outfits in the Barbie catalog, including the $5 ones. Decades later I gave my Barbie to a neighbor who had a collection of vintage Barbies.

  5. OMG! My sister had the same Barbie Doll case! My dad would have “fixed” that Ken doll with a nut and bolt running all the way through from one side to the other! My dad was a a Barbie orthopedic surgeon!!

  6. Never liked sewing Barbie clothes. They were so small. My step daughters all had “Chrisie dolls” and I made tons of clothes for them. Now I’m sewing American girl doll clothes for grand-daughters and some great granddaughter. It’s like playing dolls again for me.

  7. I’ve got that same Ken doll sitting on top of my sewing machine right now. He’s the one you couldn’t dress unless you popped his leg off and wrestled it back once the pants were on. (Typing that gives me a whole new appreciation for my mom’s patience!)

    The body styles have changed over the years. If you need any 70s or 80s dolls to dress, let me know. I’ve got a slew of ’em.

  8. So so glad you like them. I love it when you do something because you just get that feeling that you should and it turns out to be even more meaningful than you ever imagined.

  9. oh sweet memories! I played barbies with cousins, friends, neighbor girls. my grandma kept me in clothes, and I kept Barbie in clothes. then years later I sewed for my daughter. I kept mine, hers and I added a few more, and now I have a tubful. the granddaughters have loved them well. they are in the attic waiting for the youngest 2 to be old enough for them. I don’t know what I will do with them after that


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