Baptism for Scottie and Lucy

Sunday of last week was baptism day for Scottie and Lucy, our grandchildren.  They are our son Buck and Lora’s kiddos.  This post is mostly just pictures of our day….

This is in order Scottie, Lora, our son Buck and Lucy.

As much as tried to get some serious pictures, this happened too.  That’s Lora’s dad holding Lucy.  I love that this picture was taken.

Here’s Buck (his real name is Kasjen) and little Lucy.  Lucy’s baptism gown was actually Kalissa’s.  My sister Judy made it for her.

Scottie did great and so did Lucy…no tears.

Lucy isn’t looked just precious.

She fell asleep during services.

Scottie was so good during church.  He’s such a sweet guy.

Lora’s cousins were Scottie’s sponsors.

Kelli and Jason were Lucy’s sponsors.

The kids were or course the stars of the day.  Everyone wanted pictures with them.  This is Kayla and Lucy.

Kalissa with Lucy……

…and me with Lucy.

I wanted a picture of me and Scottie but he was getting pictured out and decided to use my hair to make a mustache on me….oh he’s so cute!!

Carver wasn’t so sure about sharing the lime light….  Here he is with Karl.

This is Lucy and Kalissa….Karl with Carver.

Here is the Kramer clan.  Craig is the far left with Kalissa and Carver…then Kayla with Spencer behind her.  Karl is in the middle in the back.  In front of him is Kelli holding Lucy with Jason her husband to the left…Buck holding Scottie with Lora in front of him…then Hubby and me.

Grandpa didn’t get a picture with Lucy at the church so we snapped one at Buck’s house.

Here’s a picture of eight of the nine most precious people in my life.  People talk about their life’s work.  This is mine.  I don’t care about anything I’ve ever done of accomplished in life as much as I care about these guys…Hubby included with them.  They have grown to be my best friends, biggest confidants, and

18 thoughts on “Baptism for Scottie and Lucy”

  1. What great pictures and even better are the memories created on that day. You are blessed with your beautiful family.

  2. What a beautiful family you have been blessed with Jo!!! Lucy is just adorable in that headband and dress!!!

  3. Jo you have a beautiful family and I thank you for sharing the pictures with us all. I must admit that Lucy is so adorable but Scotties picture with his sponsors shows such happiness it made me smile. Of course the picture of Buck with Carver had me chuckling, what a face that dear boy makes, lol. It was a beautiful day.

  4. The pictures of your family are just
    beautiful. So many smiles. Wonderful memories. And I just loved the picture of Lucy sleeping on the quilt you made for her…

  5. Lucy looks a lot like Scotty in the last picture of her sleeping on her new quilt. The pictures hold great memories.

  6. What great pictures. You have a beautiful family! You’re very blessed, indeed! Love the picture of Lucy on her new quilt!!

  7. What wonderful family pictures! I can’t help but pick the one of Carver & his epic frown as my favorite. He has such an expressive face.

  8. The family photos are wonderful. I know you and the grands will enjoy them 10, 20, 30 years down the road of life. And it helped me to sort our your kids seeing them next to a named sibling, etc.

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