Baptism for Lilly and Jasper

Sunday was baptism day for two of our grandkids.  I told you that Sunday was Kramer’s birthday and baptism meant so much to him so we all thought it was a wonderful idea to baptize the babies on his birthday.

Of course, nothing happens nowadays without a hitch.  Kelli ended up being exposed to COVID while working.  She didn’t have proper PPE.  It’s a whole story but the long and short is that the patient had tested negative and later was tested again and was then positive.  She was in quarantine so she couldn’t come.  Then Spencer’s parents went to a wedding and were exposed.  They ended up not being able to come.  We debated on canceling but in the end, the kids wanted to have the baptism on Kramer’s birthday.  Also, we’ve tried to plan this for so many different days and at some point nowadays you just have to do things with whoever can attend.  The church was awesome and taped the baptism so Spencer’s parents can watch it.

Get ready for a post filled with pictures.

Here is Kayla and Jasper before the big event.

Check out his little bow tie.

Jasper was checking out Carver…

I’ll admit to being a little distracted during the service.  Little Lucy, Buck and Lora’s little girl kept turning around to check out Grandma Jo.

The rest of the photos Kalissa took.  She’s really good at photo taking.

This is Buck with Lilly and Kayla with Jasper.  So cute.

Lilly is wearing Kalissa’s baptism dress.  It has become a family tradition for the girl babies in the family.

Here is Lora with Lilly.

Gannon is at the worst age for anything formal.  He did good considering….

Here are Kayla, Spencer and Jasper…
It really was so fun to see so many of us together.

Jasper is wearing the Pins family baptismal gown.  It was fun to explain to Carver that Jasper was wearing a dress.

Both of the babies did great.

Neither of them shed a tear the whole time.  Jasper is grandbaby number six and Lilly is number seven.  It doesn’t matter their number, this Grandma’s heart has expanded and expanded her heart so that there is room for them all!!

I am so blessed.  We tried to get a couple of pictures with the grandkids that were there…sadly we’re missing Georgia.  It was a wild mess trying to get a picture.  It would have been even crazier with Georgia.  They are all at the most chaotic age!!

As I said, Gannon was not interested in having his picture taken.  Some Grandmas might feel frustrated that they didn’t get “a good picture”.  Me, not frustrated at all.  I love pictures like this.  They record the real moment.  They show the kids exactly how they were at the time…crazy, wild, and chaotic…and I love them all just as they are.

While we were together and the family was dressed up, Kalissa asked me to snap a picture of her and Craig.

We tried one more picture with the boys….we didn’t have the best luck.

It was a little sad, we baptized the babies, took pictures, and then went home.  We didn’t have lunch or spend the rest of the day together.  We’re all trying to keep each other as safe as we can.  It’s so hard…I’m thankful we had this, even though it was cut short.  I loved it…Kramer would have loved it too.

22 thoughts on “Baptism for Lilly and Jasper”

  1. What a beautiful day Jo, and some beautiful and funny pictures to look back on. The kids will never believe they acted like that at a baptism. But I am like you, let them behave as they want as long as they are not disturbing anyone. Let them be children as they are growing up fast enough as it is. You have a beautiful family! Stay blessed!

  2. Beautiful Day. Kramer would be so happy. Actually he was. I am sure he was playing with the kids, which is why some of the pictures were not prefect. The after party can happen when everyone is safe and healthy. Oh Party Time, the kids will love it.

  3. What a glorious day for the baptisms. The pictures were all great! Enjoyed every picture. Your grands are so sweet. Hopefully you can enjoy a celebration soon.

  4. What a great day, so full of smiles, laughter and joy. Seems like the perfect way to celebrate Kramer’s birthday. And now you have new wonderful memories to all the the ones you already have. Hugs and smiles!

  5. Lovely honor and connections for Lilly and Jasper to be baptized on Rogers’s bday. Live the gowns! Cute cute babies!
    My Aunt Wendy’s baptismal tradition was to add a band of lace for each baby that was baptized in the gown. It has 3 generations of lace at the bottom.

    What a great Mom you are that your children chose to honor Roger in this way! I am glad you are building many happy memories!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful! Oh so much to be proud of and thankful for. Sorry Kelli wasn’t able to be there, but so good that many were. These kids will have many good times together, and many good times with Grandma. Thanks for sharing.

  7. You have a wonderful family, Jo. All the pictures are great, the personalities show through. Let’s hope that by the time Thanksgiving & Christmas roll around that we can have our families together without virus worries.

  8. We can’t wait for the perfect time in this pandemic! You got as many there as you could, and you did it on Kramer’s birthday. That’s as close to perfect as we get in these times. :) The pictures are fantastic.

  9. What a special day in your family and I’m sure Kramer would of loved having them baptized on his birthday. It made me smile to see Jasper looking at you and you looking at Jasper, what a cute picture. Its nice to capture the moments when family gets together, the time passes quickly. Even the wild & chaotic pictures are wonderful to look back on.

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