Baptism for Eli and Emmett

Wednesday was baptism day for Eli and Emmett.  I know many of you are thinking why Wednesday??

Well, Wednesday was June 2nd.  It was the 2nd anniversary of my husband Kramer’s passing.  If you’re new here, you likely don’t know the story.  If you’re a regular, here’s a refresher.

On Tuesday after Memorial Day of 2019, Kramer went in for a pet scan.  The news wasn’t good.  His lung cancer had spread and he was full of cancer.  The doctor gave him a couple of weeks to live.  Our family went into high gear and tried to get as many things done as we could.  One of the things Kramer wanted was to see the grandbabies baptized.  At the time that was Kalissa’s Gannon and Kelli’s Georgia.

The girls had tried to plan baptism several times during Kramer’s illness but he’d always end up in the hospital and we’d change plans.

So we made plans to have Georgia and Gannon baptized on June 2nd which was the Sunday after we were told Kramer wouldn’t have long to live.  As the week wore on, Kramer could no longer leave the house.  He was able to still walk around and care for himself but he needed oxygen and tired so easily.

We talked to the minister.  He was willing to come to our home and do baptism here so Kramer could attend.  The minister was awesome to us.

That Saturday I went to bed.  Kalissa was with Kramer for the overnight and she woke me saying Kramer was asking for me.  Kramer talked to me a bit.  He didn’t open his eyes.  He was insistent on asking what time it was.  I told him it was just after midnight-meaning it was Sunday.  He seemed like that was such a relief to know…and within minutes, he passed away.

All of us believe that he wanted to make it to Sunday for baptism.  We ended up baptizing the babies only we did do it at church.  It was bittersweet.  We did it then to honor Kramer’s wish.

Then last fall when Jasper and Lilly needed to be baptized the kids opted to have it done on Kramer’s birthday being we knew baptism was important to him…this year, Kelli opted to go with June 2nd for baptism, again with the thought that it was a way to remember Kramer.

Here I am with the boys…I’ll let you guess who is Eli and who is Emmett.

If you guessed Eli on the right and Emmett on the left, you were right.

The boys wore Kalissa’s baptism dress.  One wore the slip and the other the actual dress.

Here is the Hanken family…It’s not often Jason makes into any blog photos!!

Kalissa was teasing me about how she says I age in reverse.  She pulled pictures for baptism from the other grandkids.

Carver was first…Forgive the hair.  I was growing it out.

Scotty and Lusy were baptized on the same day.

Here I am with Georgie and Gannon.

Then Jasper and Lilly…

Now Eli and Emmett.

So do you think Kalissa is right?  I’m aging in reverse??

My favorite picture at baptism will ALWAYS and FOREVER be this picture!

I’m so thankful that my kids respect baptism as Kramer and I did.  It can be so hard when family members have different beliefs.

I’m so honored that I have been here each time one of the grandkids was dedicated at their baptism.

14 thoughts on “Baptism for Eli and Emmett”

  1. What a lovely tradition you have for baptizing the babies.
    Baptism is important to me too because it is an important part of the spiritual life of the children.

  2. You have a beautiful family. I started out following your terrific quilting. Now I am in love with all of your family. Yes, I do believe you are aging in reverse. You stay very active and you are not afraid to spread your love. God bless your family. I believe Kramer has a fine window in heaven where he can look down on his family with joy and pride.

  3. Except for Carver, they were all baptized in twos….so baptizing the twins (two) was “as usual”! Yes, you are aging in reverse! I often have to stop and figure out who is who in your group pictures because you blend in with your girls. Baptism is important in our family too.

  4. Jo, how wonderful to see these pictures from all the baptisms. You have been blessed by being at each one and like you said, that your children all respect baptism and know it is important to publicly profess to teaching ones’ children their faith – passing to next generation. It was good to see Jason in a picture – very sweet family.

  5. Cheryl in St. Paul

    What a beautiful legacy of New Life for Kramer and his Grands, You will always remember their Baptism days.
    And yes, you are looking younger all the time!

  6. God Bless you Jo. I’m sure Kramer has been watching over all of you. He tried his hardest to be a part of their special day. May he always be in the center of your hearts and day. I’m sure this wasn’t easy. What a brave and strong family you have.

  7. You are definitely aging in reverse and you deserve it with all you do to help others.

    It was fun to look at all the baptism pictures together. It’s so nice when families have traditions that all are willing to uphold. The dates will be important to the grandchildren and keep Kramer in their hearts.

  8. Yes, Joyce said it! I started following your quilting and then because you so generously shared about your family I came to enjoy them too!
    I look forward to your blog because you’re so reliable and I share many of your thoughts and ideas.
    Unfortunately I am nor aging in reverse!
    Bless you and your family!

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